Gannicus is perhaps the gladiator with the most personality within the Spartacus series. It is known to us that you love this character. Check out everything about Gannicus within the story and in the series.

You certainly met Theokoles within the Spartacus series (rival of Oenomaus) and wondered if this monster really existed. Know its history inside the series and some speculations outside it.

You have certainly heard of Spartacus. Nowadays, Spartacus is synonymous with Freedom, but it wasn't always like that ... A lifetime ago, Spartacus was just a slave. Find out here on our website who was Spartacus in real life.

Are you a fan of the Spartacus series, or have you at least watched the series of the ex-slave who became a free man and made the Roman republic itself tremble? If so, check out a perfect movie below for you!

Discover countless reasons to Watch Spartacus! This is a series produced by Starz, it is also the most acclaimed by the producer! If you haven't watched the series yet, check out our website.

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