Vili and are, in Norse and Germanic Mythology, the Brother Gods of Odin (the wisest of the Norse gods). Both are little known, the most prominent deity in this mythology is his brother.

Huginn and Muninn, are, in Norse Mythology, the Ravens of the God Odin. Both have the meaning of Thought and Memory! They are the ones who bring information to God. Learn more about these crows below.

Odin (also called Wotan) in Norse Mythology is the God of Victory. Odin is the most important deity in this mythology and is also the wisest among gods and mortals, check it out.

Prose Edda and Poetic Edda are, in general, in Nordic Mythology traditional poems that explain the origin (and final) of the whole and also, through these poems, we can understand their tradition.

How was the Origin of the World According to Norse Mythology? Creation is a very relevant Theme and many civilizations, religions (and science) try to explain it, but until today, nothing concrete, check it out.