The site has the name "Spartacus Brasil", Spartacus lived in an era where Roman Polytheism was believed, a fact where commoners, politicians and malefactors prayed to Apollo for warmth and prosperity. Roman Mythology is based on Greek Mythology, but with its individuality.


     Greco-Roman mythology originated from the combination of Greek and Roman religions. The two merged for presenting similar aspects, as in the traditions for example. The Greeks and Romans built several temples for their gods, places where they offered prayers and rituals, including animal sacrifices. The Greek gods were similar to the Roman gods. But some Roman gods have significant differences from the Greek gods. In the Greek religion, the names are in Greek. In Roman religion, the names are in Latin. Both religions worshiped several Gods and these same Gods had human representations and feelings: they fell in love, suffered, fought and cried.


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The Brazen Bull, also known as the Bronze Bull or Sicilian, was one of the cruelest torture and execution machines that man has ever developed, whose invention is attributed to Phalaris. Check out everything about this work below.

As for the God of War Kratos, we all already know it! But what about the Cratos that really existed within Greek Mythology, have you heard or know its history? Find out by reading below.

The three Graces were known to represent art (artistic representations) within Greek Mythology. Find out more about them by reading the article below.

The three Gorgon sisters: Euryale, Medusa and stheno were daughters of the ancient sea deities, Fórcis (Phorkys) and his sister, Ceto (Keto), chthonic monsters of an archaic world. Learn more about these creatures from Greek Mythology.

Find out who Hermes Trismegistro was and if he really was the fusion of the Greek god Hermes with the Egyptian god Toth. His history is extremely old and he is considered the ancient Christ.

Find out what Greek Rituals were like and why the Greeks used to sacrifice animals, children and bad-looking people in their rituals. Greek mythology for the real world.

Find out who were the 9 Muses of Olympus, their role in Greek Mythology and their respective representations in art, music, theater, festivities ... Just as Polímnia was the muse of loving and sacred poetry, discover more assignments.

Titanomachy is also known as the "War of the Titans" against the Olympian Gods and is one of the most discussed themes in Greek Mythology. Understand how it happened and who won this decade-long war.

We all know the story of how the world was created according to Christians. But what about Greek polytheism? Check out the history of creation and the origin of everything according to Greek Mythology.


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