Who was Publius Varinius in History?


     Publius Varinius was an ascendant Roman politician and rival of Claudius Glabro (also a politician). Contributes to the 3rd Servil War but was Humiliated by the rebel Spartacus, check it out.

Who was Publius Varinius?

     In the Spartacus series, Publius Varinius is a high-ranking praetor in the Roman Senate. His power and influence rival Glaber's, causing a lot of friction between the two as Varinius tries to use Spartacus' rebellion as a way to win favors for himself in the Republic, and knows that capturing Spartacus would bring him glory. He serves as the secondary antagonist of Vengeance.

     Varinius is a tall man with short blond hair and a lean but toned body. He is known to be very handsome, which attracts the attention of many women, including Ilithyia and Seppia. He is usually seen wearing robes that match his Praetor status, but wore armor after he was deployed in action by the Senate.

     Varinius is an ambitious man and wants to see himself ascendant. He considers insignificant individuals as his fellow Praetor, Gaius Claudius Glaber. Despite his own arrogance, however, Varinius is very social and well liked by many, as he has a charismatic way with words. Single, wealthy and with a promising future, Varinius has the affection of many attractive women, including Seppia and even that of Glaber's wife, Ilithyia.

In History:

     Publius Varinius was a Roman Praetor in 73 BC who suffered several defeats against Spartacus and his rebellion during the Third Servile War. Though the historical record is full of gaps, what is recorded is that Varinius led an army of at least 2,000 men, who were eventually defeated by Spartacus. He also led another army, this time with at least 4,000 men, which was also defeated. Varinius commanded two known praetors in these battles, Cossinius and Fury.

     One night, the rebels (which then numbered about 10,000 men, women and children) sacked Varinius' camp, with Varinius narrowly avoiding capture. Historically, Varinius was considered a skilled knight. Varinius had indeed survived the rebellion, as there is evidence that he later served as governor of the province of Asia in 65 BC.

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Publius Varinius was an ascendant Roman politician and rival of Claudius Glabro (also a politician). Contributes to the 3rd Servil War but was Humiliated by the rebel Spartacus, check it out.

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