Barca, The Gladiator Created in honor of Anibal


     Barca, in the Spartacus series, was an extremely wronged gladiator (deceived by Ashur) and was also created by the series producer, making reference to the former general of Carthage: Anibal Barca, check it out.

Barge in Spartacus series:

     Barca is a recurring character in the Spartacus series. He is one of the greatest gladiators in the Ludus of Batiatus, becoming known as the Beast of Carthage after defeating his Mage father in the arena. He is the lover of Auctus and, later, of Pietros.

     Barca has a light brown skin tone and is the tallest gladiator in Ludus. He has long, shoulder-length black hair, which he wears behind him in dreadlocks or braids and allows it to fall over his shoulders. He usually wears a light, dark-colored vest that covers the right side and runs diagonally down from his left shoulder, in addition to his subligaria.

The Barca fights in the style of the hoplomachus and is equipped in the arena with a spear, round shield and short sword.

Carthage Beast:

     Barca originally came from a village of fierce warriors, a region near Carthage, where he enjoyed playing with birds alongside his best friend Cyprian. However, Barca's father, Mago, the village chief, saw this as pathetic and told his wife Elissa that their son was getting weak from playing, not the strong warrior he should have been when he grew up. One day, Roman soldiers invaded the village and Elissa told Barca and Cyprian to hide in the closet as she confronted a soldier who broke into her house.

     Barca was forced to watch as his mother was decapitated by the soldier, sending him into a depression, where he would remain at his dead mother's side for many days until his father and the men of his village returned. Magus, returning to his home, found his son crying over his wife's corpse. Sad and angry, Magus blamed his son's cowardice for his wife's death and disowned him.

Barca starts training:

     Barca, now away from home and family decided that there was only one thing he could do which was to train for many years the young man had trained until he became a formidable warrior during this time Barca and his group of assembled men fought and defeated many many Legions Romans. At some point during this time Barca and Cyprian had become lovers and had marched his men towards Rome before they crossed a steep river Barca had his men fill the water with the bodies of a group of Gauls whom they had defeated. Gauls proved useful" quoted Barca about this victory.

     One night, while he and his men were gathered around the fire, a legion of Romans attacked, although they fought well, the Phoenicians were simply no match for the Romans who killed or captured them. In the fight, Cipriano was killed while trying to protect Barca, who called him before the dying Cipriano told Barca "Remember me". This sight angered Barça, who attacked the soldiers with all his might, despite his best efforts, he was defeated and captured along with his surviving men.

Barca defeats his father:

     The Phoenicians were taken to Capua, where they were forced to fight among themselves. Barca was able to defend himself and topple many of his own people and was one of the two warriors remaining in the sand when he turned to face his opponent and was faced with a shocking sight that his Mage father was also in the arena. Father and son were shocked to see each other and knowing there was no way out, the two started fighting as they made one of the noble watchers say, "I would buy the winner."

     In the sands, Mago and Barca fought and the two had an advantage: for Mago it was strength and years, for Barca it was strength and youth, they fought for half a day, but eventually Barca gained the advantage over Mago and was able to put it on. you on your knees. Mago looked at Barca and in a tone of admiration said "Barca, it's my son!" Barca told him "And I live father see", he then stabbed Mage in the throat after some hesitation.

From that moment, Barça became the "Beast of Carthage" and was bought by Titus Lentulus Batiatus.

Who was Anibal Barca?

     Anibal Barca​ (247 BC-183 BC), also known only as Anibal, was a Carthaginian general and statesman. It is considered one of the greatest military strategies in history.

     Hannibal's life took place in the conflicting period in which Rome established its supremacy in the Mediterranean basin, surpassing other powers (the Carthaginian Republic, Macedonia, Syracuse and the Seleucid Empire). He was the most active general of the Second Punic War, in which he performed one of the most daring military feats of antiquity: Hannibal and his army, which included thirty-eight war elephants, left Hispania and crossed the Pyrenees and the Alps with the aim to conquer northern Italy.

     There, he defeated the Romans in large pitched battles such as the Trebia River, Lake Trasimeno and Canas, which are still studied in military academies today. Despite his brilliant campaign, Hannibal never invaded Rome.

Barca was a gladiator created to remember the memory of Hannibal, the greatest Carthaginian general in history. Varinius still quotes Hannibal with fear and dread in the second season of the series, until part of his army is defeated by Mercato's cousin, Marcus Minucius Rufus.

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Barca, in the Spartacus series, was an extremely wronged gladiator (deceived by Ashur) and was also created by the series producer, making reference to the former general of Carthage: Anibal Barca, check it out.

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