After all, who were Cossinius and Furius?


     Cossinius and Furius were not very relevant in the Spartacus series, as they only appear in Season 4 and for a change, in only 1 episode. These two actually existed in history, check it out.


     Cossinius is a praetor of the Roman Republic. He replaces Glaber, Varinius and Scrofa in charge of stopping Spartacus and his rebel army. Furius is his military tribune. Cossinius has short black hair and a light hairstyle. He is muscular and taller than most men under his command.

     Like most Romans, he believes himself better than others simply because he is Roman. He, like others before him, sees Spartacus as nothing more than a simple slave. He also has great respect for his position in the Senate.

     Historically, he and Furius were sent to crush Spartacus under Publius Varinius. The expedition was split up, Cossinius and Fury were killed in a village and Variinus was captured.


  • He's been the toughest commander Spartacus has faced since Glaber and Varinius (mainly because he and Furius continually retreated from battle along with their men). Despite this, Cossinius and his forces had not yet won a battle against him.
  • The specific praetorship of Cossinius would have been that of a Praetor Peregrinus, who had the Imperium (high military command) to command an army.
  • Cossinius would have belonged to the commoner Gens Cossinius, who came from the city of Tibur (modern Tivoli) in the region of Lazio (present-day Lazio, Italy).


     Furius is Praetor Cossinius' military tribune and is second in command of the forces sent to kill Spartacus and his slave army. Furius has short black hair that he keeps slicked back and a light beard. He has a strong jaw and a slight scar on his left cheek. Fury is believed better than non-Romans. Despite being a soldier and an officer, he shows cowardly traits, he wants to flee whenever a battle is not in his favor.


  • The actor who plays Furius is 175 cm tall.
  • Jared Turner, the actor who plays Furius, is also a skilled bass player
  • Furius would have belonged to the Gens Furia, an ancient patrician lineage whose origins lay in the nearby Latin city of Tusculum, near Rome. The first member of the Gens to become consul was a certain Sixth Fury Medulin in 488 BCE.

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