15 Best Quotes from Roman Empire: Reign of Blood


     Roman Empire - Reign of Blood Quotes: The 15 most memorable phrases in the Netflix series. Messages, Thoughts... Have you watched or want to watch this series? Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, Commodus, Caligula, Marcus Aurelius...

Roman Empire: Reign of Blood series:

     Roman Empire: Reign of Blood is a series/documentary based on historical facts, produced in the United States and Canada. The six-episode miniseries is based on the Roman Empire and tells the story of Commodus, Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, Mark Antony, Marcus Aurelius, Caligula. Jeremiah Murphy and Peter Sherman collaborated on writing the miniseries, and Richard Lopez directed it. It debuted on Netflix on November 11, 2016.

Regarding the lines of the series, we prefer the second season - which tells the story of Julius Caesar - as it is the most searched on the internet.

Quotes by Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, Commodus, Caligula...

  • "Crassus, Pompey and Caesar were so powerful that they could approve anything! Both were partners in various ventures and for the first time in history Caesar was rich."

  • "Julius Caesar is elected Consul, the highest office in the Roman republic."

  • "Were it not for Julius Caesar, Pompey would be named the greatest general in Rome."

  • "Caesar was a man of action! He was rash and cautious."

  • "This Rome scheme works for centuries until... Spartacus."

  • "At this point in history, Rome was her greatest time power."

  • "When he turns 16, Caesar is lost (...) all the Romans wanted glory and it depended on military success."

  • "To achieve the glory of Rome, every man must stand out on the field of battle, and one of those men is Julius Caesar."

Best Quotes in the Netflix series:

  • "Commodus was known as the only emperor to become a gladiator."

  • "Gemelus was forced to commit suicide by a Praetorian guard."

  • "If the stories are true, Caligula would invite the senators to dinner and sleep with their wives."

  • "The term 'crossing the rubicon' is related to a choice that has no turning back."

  • "Crassus died in a humiliating manner with molten gold in his throat, a manner in which he mocks his arrogance and greed for money."

  • "Pompei and Crassus saw Caesar's popularity as a direct threat because he was becoming more powerful than them and in that position he could do whatever he wanted."

  • "Caesar's victory in Gaul has always been one of the clearest examples of 'divide and conquer'."

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