Discover countless reasons to Watch Spartacus! This is a series produced by Starz, it is also the most acclaimed by the producer! If you haven't watched the series yet, check out our website.


     Spartacus: is a series by Starz (producer of Party Down) premiered in January 2010. In Brazil, it is shown on Globosat HD, on pay TV, and on TV Record, on open TV, since January 5, 2014. series is focused on Spartacus, the famous slave who became a gladiator and led the most celebrated revolution in Ancient Rome.

1 - The series is based on real facts

     Have you heard of the Spartacus story? That famous rebel slave who refused to bow his head to the Roman empire (the most powerful of the time) and who "alone" led thousands of slaves and gladiators to revolt against the clutches of Rome? Of course, the series does not faithfully follow the story of the gladiator (especially when they are at Batiatus Season 1), after all, very little is known about the real story of Spartacus.

2 - The history of Spartacus has already inspired other works

     Have you heard of that famous 1960 movie "Spartacus"? It was played by Kirk Douglas and has a fascinating history! So much so that it's 3 hours of film and even, the film was remastered and it was an incredible quality! There is also the film by actor Goran Višnjić from 2004, but the film was little publicized and commented on compared to the 1960 one, but still, it is a great film, worth checking out!

3 - Flawless script

     We have never seen a series that makes us feel as many emotions as Spartacus (anger, sadness, joy). The amazing thing is that in several cases and at various moments in the series, we don't feel absolute anger towards any character ... We kind of understand their situation. Another fact is that when you get used to some character and sympathize with him, he dies ... Yeah. But another one comes up that makes you have that same feeling.

4 - Special effects

     Have you seen the movie 300? It is the same pattern and to be honest, the first episode itself is not very good, because the effects are not those things (it looks like those low budget films), but as the series goes along, you get used to it and when you notice, it will have been 10 episodes, after all, the series holds you and LOTS. A negative point is that the series was 100% done in a studio, not to mention that any "tap" generates a lot of blood! But in general you get used to it and end up liking it. Episodes

5 - Blood and brutality

     Overall, it is a series summarized in violence and blood. Throughout it, you will come across countless breathtaking battles! My favorite is that fight between Spartacus and Crixus against Theokoles (the shadow of death). That's awesome! Also interesting are the filmed positions and the famous "slow-motion" effects.

6 - Spicy scenes

     Ancient Rome is certainly marked by sexuality without distinctions! Woman with woman, man with man, two women, two men and everything that involves the famous God Bacchus (God of wine) famous for extolling orgies and pleasures, hence the term "Bacchanal" ... No series or film portrays so well those scenes and facts like Spartacus! So much so that the series is only recommended for adults.

7 - Women in the series

     In this regard, images speak more than words!


8 - Politics

     Start paying attention to the political part of the series, you will start to notice how politics was made then (nowadays too) do not think that politics today is less than that, after all, we live in the real world, and as it is said in the series "This world is full of the grotesque and the divine."

9 - Vocabulary


     The vocabulary of the series is fascinating! In most films and series that portray ancient Rome, producers alter the vocabulary to make the production more faithful to reality ... But as for this series, in this respect it smashes the competition, because the vocabulary is fascinating and well above the average. "Every night stops, and we need to wake up" Got it or will you need a dictionary ??

10 - Exaggerated Romanticism

     The romanticism of the Spartacus series is exaggerated and makes it different from the others, but evidently with its individuality! "How do you know that your wife is still alive? - How do you know that your heart still beats in your chest?" Spartacus was a man in love with his wife and everything that happens in the series is a consequence of this.

11 - Andy Whitfield

     This is without a doubt the best reason! As you know, the main actor of Spartacus was a victim of Lymphoma and died in the transition to the second season. It was from there that they improvised the miniseries "Gods of Arena", or in clear Portuguese Deuses do arena. The series was almost canceled as a result of this unfortunate event. Naevia also decided not to renew the contract with the producer, so they put another actress in place. The first season of Spartacus will always be unique.

     In homage to the series and mainly Andy Whitfield's History, we created this website, with the main objective of immortalizing the memory of both.

"There is no departure for those who will remain forever in our hearts."


Tertulla was the wife of Marcus Crassus and also, mother of Tiberius and was not that relevant in the Spartacus series. Who stood out the most was Kore, slave and lover of Crassus, check it out.

Certainly if you watched the Spartacus series, you certainly met young Numerius. At first he is to be taken, but during the series, Numerius is corrupted by Glaber's wife, check it out.

Segovax has the masculine virtue that all men dream of, in addition to proving himself worthy in hand-to-hand combat, this icon in the Spartacus series died prematurely, which is a shame as he would certainly have been a great gladiator, check it out.

Oenomaus was known for his participation in the 3rd Servile War, led by the rebel Spartacus. In the series he was the only gladiator who faced Theokoles and survived! Check out his story below.

Liam Mcintyre became well known after his relevant role as the protagonist of the Spartacus series after the unfortunate death of the first and brilliant actor Andy Whitfield. Check out some facts about this icon below.

You may not know who the actor Andy Whitfield from Spartacus. He became popularly known after the first season of the Spartacus series, but in addition, he had several roles in different films, check it out.

Crixus in the Spartacus series is undoubtedly one of the best known gladiators. He has an irritable temperament and is kind of "Xucro". It did exist and played a relevant role in the 3rd Servile War.

Gannicus is perhaps the gladiator with the most personality within the Spartacus series. It is known to us that you love this character. Check out everything about Gannicus within the story and in the series.

You certainly met Theokoles within the Spartacus series (rival of Oenomaus) and wondered if this monster really existed. Know its history inside the series and some speculations outside it.

You have certainly heard of Spartacus. Nowadays, Spartacus is synonymous with Freedom, but it wasn't always like that ... A lifetime ago, Spartacus was just a slave. Who was Spartacus in real life.