You may not know who the actor Andy Whitfield from Spartacus. He became popularly known after the first season of the Spartacus series, but in addition, he had several roles in different films, check it out.


     Andy Whitfield (Amlwch, October 17, 1971 - Sydney, September 11, 2011) was a Welsh actor and model based in Australia, best known for representing the character Spartacus in the Spartacus: Blood and Sand series. Whitfield was born in Amlwch, Anglesey. He studied engineering at the University of Sheffield, and practiced in London before moving to Sydney in 1999. He took classes at the Screenwise School of Film and TV Actors in New South Wales, Australia. Whitfield appeared in several Australian television series, including Opening Up, All Saints, The Strip, Packed to the Rafters and McLeod's Daughters. His first prominent role was given to him in the Australian supernatural film Gabriel. Whitfield also starred in the 2010 television series, Spartacus: Blood and Sand, filmed in New Zealand. He played Spartacus, a soldier condemned to fight as a gladiator, responsible for a rebellion against the Romans. He even appeared naked in the series, alongside Manu Bennett. Whitfield also appeared in the Australian thriller The Clinic (shot in Deniliquin), alongside Tabrett Bethell (famous for Legend of the Seeker). In August 2010, Whitfield joined Freddie Wong and created a two-minute video titled Time Crisis, based on the game of the same name. Whitfield made a quick appearance in the miniseries and prequel to Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, which debuted on January 21, 2011.


     In March 2010, Whitfield was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, and started immediate treatment in New Zealand. This occurrence delayed the production of the second season of Spartacus: Vengeance. While waiting for the actor's treatment and recovery, the channel produced a six-part series of Spartacus, just waiting for his return. Although he declared himself cancer free just two months later, he suffered complications from the disease later in the year and was forced to abandon the role. On September 11, 2011, 18 months after the discovery of cancer, the actor died. Whitfield left his wife and two children. Actor Liam McIntyre, 29, was chosen as Whitfield's successor in the Spartacus series.


     Gabriel is a 2007 Australian action and horror film set in purgatory. Follow the archangel Gabriel's struggle to free purgatory from the fallen angels of evil and save the souls of its inhabitants. Gabriel is the first feature directed by Shane Abbess, who also co-wrote the script with Matt Hylton Todd. It stars Andy Whitfield as Gabriel, Dwaine Stevenson as Sammael, Samantha Noble as Amitiel and Erika Heynatz as Lilith. As an action film, Gabriel is unconventional by Australian cinema standards. Produced without government funding and on a low budget, the filmmakers intended to create a film that could compete in international markets and become financially profitable. After its release in Australia on November 15, 2007, Gabriel received mixed reviews and came in fifth at the box office of the opening week. Gabriel was released on DVD in the USA on February 19, 2008.


     The Clinic takes place in 1978. A young future mother, Beth, is traveling with her fiance Cameron. After avoiding an accident on the road, they stop at a motel in the small (fictional) town of Montgomery. Cameron goes for a walk at midnight and returns to find his missing bride. After a quick search, Cameron calls the local police. After the arrival of the police, Cameron attacks the motel owner out of frustration and the authorities arrest him. He later tries to escape and is killed in a car accident. Beth then wakes up naked in an abandoned warehouse, lying in a bathtub filled with ice and water. She discovers a caesarean scar on her abdomen and realizes that her baby has been stolen. She also finds a white robe with the Roman number DCVIII written on the chest. Alone and afraid of her son, Beth wanders out of the facility, where she meets three other mothers who were also kidnapped and had their unborn children surgically removed. The group finds another woman, almost alive, with her uterus surgically open, who declares her son "blue".


  • Title: All Saints, Role: Matthew Parkes, Notes: "Opening Up" (season 2, episode 7);
  • Title: The Strip, Role: Charlie Palmer, Notes: Season 1, Episode 21st season, episode 7;
  • Title: Packed to the Rafters, Role: Nick Leigh, Notes: "All in the Planning" (season 1, episode 10);
  • Title: McLeod's Daughters, Role: Brett Samuels, Notes: "Nowhere to Hide" (season 8, episode 4).


     "Be Here Now" is a documentary by Lilibet Foster, which details actor Andy Whitfield's battle with non-Hodgkins lymphoma. The film accompanies Andy throughout his journey, while exploring medical and alternative healing options in Australia, New Zealand and India. The film is being published to help and inspire others who face similar challenges and also to accelerate the pace of cancer research around the world. A release date is expected in early 2013.
     "Be Here Now" is an inspiring documentary and a love story, about the overnight sensation, actor and international sex symbol, Andy Whitfield, who put the same determination and dedication that he brought to his lead role on the show. "Spartacus" television. Blood and Sand ", to fight life-threatening cancer. This story is about Andy Whitfield - but also about having the courage to realize your dreams, face your fears and live in the present, despite the potential outcome. This film is for whom already faced a challenge in their lives ".


     Andy Whitfield was the actor who played Spartacus in Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Whitfield was born in Amlwch, Anglesey, Wales. He studied construction at the University of Sheffield Hallam, England and worked in Lidcombe, New South Wales, Australia as an engineer before settling in Sydney in 1999. He appeared on several Australian television series such as Opening Up, All Saints, The Strip , Packed to the Rafters and the daughters of McLeod. Whitfield won his first prominent role in the Australian supernatural film Gabriel. He also starred in the 2010 television series Spartacus: Blood and Sand, which was filmed in New Zealand. He was the original actor to play Spartacus, the Gladiator who became a rebel commander and started the Third Servile War. Whitfield also appeared in the Australian thriller The Clinic, starring Tabrett Bethell (of Legend of the Seeker fame), which was filmed in Deniliquin. In August 2010, Whitfield teamed up with Freddie Wong and created a 2-minute YouTube video called "Time Crisis", based on the Time Crisis game. Whitefield made a brief, uncredited appearance in the miniseries Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, which premiered on January 21, 2011.
     Whitfield met Vashti in London. The couple moved to Sydney and married in 2001. They had two children together. In March 2010, Whitfield was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and started being treated immediately in New Zealand. This delayed the production of the second season of Spartacus: Vengeance. While awaiting Whitfield's treatment and expected recovery, the chain produced a six-part prequel, Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, with only a brief uncredited voice from the actor. Although declared cancer free in June 2010, a medical routine in September 2010 revealed a relapse and Whitfield was forced to abandon the role. Starz recast Australian actor Liam McIntyre as Whitfield's successor. Whitfield was still alive when McIntyre was chosen, and he gave his blessing, despite McIntyre being ten years younger than him, and underweight for the role. Whitfield died of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in Sydney, Australia, on September 11, 2011, 18 months after his initial cancer diagnosis.


Marcus Minucius Rufus was Mercato grandfather (in the Spartacus series) and although he is mentioned a few times by his grandson in the series, in fact, he existed and was very important in his time, check it out.

Mercato is a Roman and noble politician from Capua. He is the grandson of Marcus Minucius Rufus, the famous Thracian conqueror. Perhaps Mercato is one of the few sympathetic Romans in the Spartacus series, check it out.

Titus Calavius, in the Spartacus series, was a magistrate of Rome and was often in the city of Capua. Batitatus esteemed him very much, but until his "Ambitious" political choice was cut, check it out.

Tertulla was the wife of Marcus Crassus and also, mother of Tiberius and was not that relevant in the Spartacus series. Who stood out the most was Kore, slave and lover of Crassus, check it out.

Certainly if you watched the Spartacus series, you certainly met young Numerius. At first he is to be taken, but during the series, Numerius is corrupted by Glaber's wife, check it out.

Segovax has the masculine virtue that all men dream of, in addition to proving himself worthy in hand-to-hand combat, this icon in the Spartacus series died prematurely, which is a shame as he would certainly have been a great gladiator, check it out.

Oenomaus was known for his participation in the 3rd Servile War, led by the rebel Spartacus. In the series he was the only gladiator who faced Theokoles and survived! Check out his story below.

Liam Mcintyre became well known after his relevant role as the protagonist of the Spartacus series after the unfortunate death of the first and brilliant actor Andy Whitfield. Check out some facts about this icon below.

You may not know who the actor Andy Whitfield from Spartacus. He became popularly known after the first season of the Spartacus series, but in addition, he had several roles in different films, check it out.

Crixus in the Spartacus series is undoubtedly one of the best known gladiators. He has an irritable temperament and is kind of "Xucro". It did exist and played a relevant role in the 3rd Servile War.