10 Taurus Zodiac Sign Quotes for Status


     Taurus Quotes: The 10 Most Remarkable, Intriguing and Inspiring Taurus Phrases to Reflect on this Fascinating Sign. Quotes, Messages and for Status Phrases!

The Greek Myth of Taurus:

     The image of the Taurus comes from a Greek myth in which Zeus, the chief of the gods, would have been enchanted by the beauty of Europa, daughter of Agenor, and to seduce her, he transformed himself into a magnificent white bull. The young woman, who was enjoying herself on the beach with her friends when she saw the animal, approached, caressed it and, enchanted by her docility, mounted it.

     At the same moment, the bull darted towards the sea, stopping only on the island of Crete, where Zeus made himself known by loving the young woman. Proud of his deed, Zeus placed the bull among the stars.

Didn't you find the Greek Myth of the sign of Taurus interesting?

Taurus Sign Quotes for Status:

  • "If Taurino promises to build a house within a certain time frame, you can safely go and order the furniture."

  • "I have a bull's determination, which means I won't give up. And that's true. I won't."

  • "The Taurus is genuinely interested in success and there is nothing he admires more than someone who has achieved his goal."

  • "Taurus worries. Don't give them anything to worry about. Anticipate problems. Report bugs. And don't confuse Taurus with too much information."

  • "I'm a Taurus and I dare you to find someone more stubborn and determined than I am."

  • "I'm fiercely independent. I'm a Taurus and that won't change." - Taurus Zodiac Sign Quotes for Status

  • "From flowers to priceless perfumes, Taurus likes to surround himself with good smells."

  • "Like a pig sniffing out truffles, a Taurus can literally sniff out infidelity. As an earth creature, you have a finely tuned animal type sense about your partner."

  • "Don't follow me! I'm going this way to the end!"

  • "If you meet a negative Taurus, be careful. He will massacre you. And worst of all, he won't even be moved."

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