Tao te Ching: 10 Best Taoism Quotes


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What is Taoism?

     Taoism, also called Daoism and Tauism, is a philosophical and religious tradition originating in East Asia that emphasizes life in harmony with Tao (now romanized as "Dao"). The Chinese term "Tao" means "way", "way" or "principle", and can also be found in other Chinese philosophies and religions. In Taoism, specifically, the term designates the source, dynamics and driving force behind everything that exists.

     It is, basically, indefinable: "The Tao that you can talk about is not the eternal Tao". Taoism's main work is Tao Te Ching, a concise and ambiguous book that contains the teachings attributed to Lao Tzu. Together with Zhuangzi's writings, these texts form the philosophical foundations of that religion. This philosophical Taoism, individualistic in nature, has not been institutionalized.

     Over time, however, institutionalized forms of Taoism were created in the form of different schools that often mixed beliefs and practices that preceded even the key texts of Taoism - such as the theories of the School of Naturalists , which synthesized concepts such as yin-yang and the five elements.

Taoism Quotes from Live and Love:

"The excellence of a mindset is judged by its wisdom."

"The self-satisfied man is unaware of the embarrassment."

"There is no greater calamity than discontent."

"If you don't trust a man, you are making him a liar."

"Activity overcomes cold; inactivity overcomes heat; thus, with its calm, the wise person corrects everything in the world."

Tao te Ching Quotes on Mindfulness

"Like water, the higher the good, the more benefits it spreads, yet it enters dark places that men despise."

"Able to govern are those who love their people as much as they love themselves."

"Three things please everyone: kindness, frugality and humility. For the gentiles can be courageous, the frugal can be liberal and the humble can be drivers of men."

"Being deeply loved by someone gives us strength; loving someone deeply gives us courage."

"To know others is intelligence, to know yourself is true wisdom. To control others is strength, to control yourself is true power."

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