Top 10 Bruce Lee Quotes about Life

     Bruce Lee Quotes about Life: The 10 most incredible, striking and longing phrases from Bruce Lee's films, and Jeet-Kune-Do you can only find here. Inspirational and Motivational Phrases!

Bruce Lee History:

     His films in Hong Kong and Hollywood elevated Hong Kong's traditional martial arts films to a new level of acclaim and popularity, creating in the West in the 1970s a keen interest in Chinese martial arts. The direction and tone of his films have changed and influenced the martial arts and movies themselves in the United States, Hong Kong and the rest of the world. Lee became known for his role in five feature films: The Big Boss (1971) and Fist of Fury (1972) by Lo Wei; Way of the Dragon (1972) by Golden Harvest, directed and written by Lee; Enter the Dragon (1973) by Golden Harvest and Warner Brothers and The Game of Death (1978), both featuring Robert Clouse. 

     Lee became an iconic figure around the world, particularly among the Chinese, as he portrayed Chinese nationalism in his films. He trained in wing chun art and later combined his influences from other sources in the spirit of his own martial arts philosophy, which he called jeet kune from (The Path of the Fist Interceptor). Lee had dual nationality, American and Hong Kong. He died in Kowloon on July 20, 1973, aged 32.

Bruce Lee Quotes about Water:

"What you know is worthless; the value is in what you do with what you know."

"A coward is not one who avoids a fight, a coward is one who, even though he knows that he is superior at fighting and hurts the weakest."

"Life is a fluent process and in some places along the way, unpleasant things will happen. They may leave scars, but life continues to flow. It is like flowing water, which stagnates and becomes rotten; don't stop! Continue bravely! ... because each experience teaches us a lesson. "

"I cherish the memory of past misfortunes. They add a lot to my inner strength."

"If you believe that something is impossible, you will make it impossible."

Bruce Lee Quotes about Life:

"Expecting life to treat you well because you're a good person is like expecting a tiger not to attack you because it's vegetarian."

"Mistakes are always forgivable if you have the courage to admit them."

"Knowledge gives power, but only respectful character."

"True friends are like diamonds, gems and rare ones. False friends are like autumn leaves found everywhere."

"The key to immortality is to live a life worth remembering."

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