30 Best Taurus Sign Quotes about Pride


     Taurus Quotes: The 30 Most Beautiful, Striking, Intriguing and Inspiring Taurus Phrases to Reflect on this Fascinating Sign. Motivational Quotes, Messages, Excerpts and Phrases!


     Taurus (♉) is the second astrological sign of the zodiac, located between Aries and Gemini and associated with the Taurus constellation. Its symbol is a bull. It forms with the Virgo and Capricorn the triplicity of the signs of the Earth. It is also one of the four fixed signs, along with Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. With slight variations in dates depending on the year, Taureans are people born between April 21 and May 20. Osiris was a god of vegetation in Egypt and appeared with a bull's head. In Egypt, when the sacred bull died, a gold disc was placed between its horns (symbol of the sun, the life force) and it was mourned and mummified. 

     The bullfighting of today's bullfighters, between the bull's horns, recalls the dance in honor of the animal. Zeus fell in love with Europa, who played on the beach. He turned into a beautiful white bull and came to his knees at her feet. Europa did not resist and climbed on top of the bull, which transported it by sea to the island of Crete, where it fertilized it. In the Taurus constellation only its front appears, because the rest were submerged in the sea.

Taurus Sign Quotes:

"Taureans love the pleasures of life: sex, food and money."

"A taurean with no money is in a bad mood."

"The Taurus is very selfish. He can only see things from his point of view. And that's it! He's right, his opinion has more weight. And the worst thing is that they don't usually change their minds."

"Wounded pride, heartache. He doesn't rest until he finds out who the guy is. And then he comes up with an infallible plan that will destroy the impostor's life. Even if it takes thirty or forty years. He never forgets and retaliates twice."

"Taureans are realistic and value security both materially and emotionally. Stubbornness is not exactly a characteristic of Taurus. He just likes to have everything under control, so he is patient, persevering and practical."

"The good thing about the bull is that he always has a little money. Always. And if he lends or gives you some, it is because he likes you very much, but very much about you. Because if there is one thing that the bull stands for, it is your money."

"If you know a negative Taurean, watch out. He will slaughter you. And the worst, he won't even be moved."

"Don't follow me! I'm going this way to the end!"

"The Taurean woman is very, very feminine. But she is firm, and stubborn. She always works hard, loves the good life and works hard for it, because she loves comfort."

"She hates losing things. Marriage can be bad, it will take a long time to leave, if he leaves."

"I am a Taurus. We are happy and artistic people. We are like clowns, you would think we don't take things seriously, but we do."

"The Taurus woman creates lasting relationships. Extremely loyal, she is shocked if the same loyalty is not returned to her."

"Furthermore, the Taurus is anything but mischievous: on the contrary, his kindness leads him, at times, to trust his neighbor too much and to be disappointed (if not deceived) by him."

"You can expect a direct approach with them. If there are problems or concerns that have not been resolved, the Taurean should speak."

"Like a pig sniffing truffles, a Taurean can literally sniff out infidelity. As a land creature, you have a sense of animal type in tune with your partner."

Taurus Quotes about Life:

"Whatever her childhood origins and ultimate family experience, Taurus will always find her greatest challenges in the arena of her romantic relationships. This is where she will, without fail, choose those who cannot or will not reciprocate her love."

"From flowers to priceless perfumes, Taurus likes to surround himself with good smells."

"Women born in the sign of Taurus will always have an unfortunate influence on you, unless they have achieved dominance over the generating forces."

"I am fiercely independent. I am a Taurus and that will not change."

"I am Taurus and I challenge you to find someone more stubborn and determined than I am."

"Taurus cares. Don't give them anything to worry about. Anticipate problems. Report errors. And don't confuse Taurus with too much information."

"Taurus is in no hurry, so take the opportunity to move slowly and steadily, allowing the relationship to develop naturally."

"The Taurean is genuinely interested in success and there is nothing he admires more than someone who has achieved his goal."

"Don't play mind games. Since the Taurus is not a manipulator, he will not recognize your maneuvers. Save yourself work and ammo while doing this."

"For a person born in Taurus, love is the most primordial way of expressing his affections."

"I am from Taurus, which means I have a determination of bull, which means I will not give up. And that is true. I will not."

"If Taurino promises to build a house within a certain time, you can safely go and order the furniture."

"The Taurus will say everything in the most gentle way possible or it will say absolutely nothing."

"Taurus will not forget. Taurus does not forget anything."

"Taurus has an instinct for where the money is, the possibilities for a new project, the chances of an idea being profitable, and no one is better at saving, collecting and saving for a rainy day."

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