10 Best Quotes by José de Alencar - Brazilian Writer


     Famous. Iconic and Best Sentences by José de Alencar - Brazilian Writer and Politician: Messages, Quotes, Thoughts, Excerpts and Motivational Phrases!

Who was José de Alencar?

     José Martiniano de Alencar (Messejana, May 1, 1829 - Rio de Janeiro, December 12, 1877) was a Brazilian writer and politician. He is notable as a writer for being the founder of the national-themed novel, and for being the patron of the chair founded by Machado de Assis at the Academia Brasileira de Letras.

     In his political career, he was notorious for his tenacious defense of slavery in Brazil when he was Minister of Justice in the second reign (see Itaboraí Cabinet of 1868). He was the grandson of Bárbara de Alencar, a heroine of the Pernambuco Revolution.

Famous Quotes by José de Alencar:

  • "Love, however, is contagious, with a specialty in solitude, where the soul needs a partner, and when it doesn't find one at all, it divides itself to be two: one, hope; the other, longing."

  • "Aurelia loved her love more than her lover; she was more a poet than a woman; she preferred the ideal to the man."

  • "Praise is a widely used, but always new, way of surrendering to vanity."

  • "It is the age of ambition that proves men's courage."

  • "After all, what is everything in this world but an illusion, not to say a lie?"

Quotes by the writer José de Alencar for reflection:

  • "The great sensations of pain or pleasure weigh so heavily on man that they crush him at first and paralyze the vital screens. It is after this numbness of faculties passes, that the spirit, distinguished chemical, decomposes the myriad of sensations, and suggests a drop of gall or essence that still styles from the only libados combs."

  • "What good would life be if it were a chain? To live is to spend, to waste your existence, like a wealth that God gives to be lavished. Those who only take care to preserve it from dangers, these are the worst misers!"

  • "Who knows the mysterious thread that takes thought through the labyrinth of the past to a remote memory?"

  • "The day I needed to justify myself, I would be divorced, for the trust, which is the first bond of love, and the true grace of marriage, would have been extinguished."

  • "For him this girl, this blond angel, with blue eyes, represented the divinity on earth; admiring her, making her smile, seeing her happy, was her cult; holy and respectful worship in which her heart poured out the treasures of feelings and poetry that overflowed that virgin nature."

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