10 Gemini Zodiac Sign Quotes for Status

     Gemini Quotes: The 10 Most Striking, Intriguing and Inspiring Gemini Phrases to Reflect on this Fascinating Sign. Quotes, Messages for Status Phrases!

The Greek Myth of Gemini:

     The Greek Myth of Gemini is like this: Zeus, disguised as a swan, impregnated Leda who had the twins Castor and Pollux, born from an egg. Pollux, unlike his brother Castor, was immortal. The two were very close and careful with each other. In a nearby region, they met and fell in love with the sisters Febe and Ilaira. But they were brides and they decided to kidnap them. The newlyweds, Idas and Lynceus, pursued the brothers. In the ensuing confrontation, Idas threw his spear mortally wounding Castor. Pollux, maddened with rage, killed everyone around him. Pollux, desperate, asked Zeus to transfer his immortality to Castor.

     Not knowing what to do, Zeus grants the request, and as soon as Castor receives the light of immortality, Pollux begins to die. Castor then asks Zeus not to let his brother die and to exchange his life for his. Zeus grants the request and while one was on earth, another would be in heaven. Dissatisfied with not always being together, Castor and Pollux were transformed into the constellation of Gemini, where they would be together forever.

Didn't you find the Greek Myth of the Sign of Gemini interesting?

Gemini Sign Quotes for Status:

  • "A Gemini will make you see joys in life that you've never experienced."

  • "Geminis are very versatile, spontaneous and always on the go."

  • "Geminis can be more uptight than almost any other sign, but we like to say that you have to be uptight to make good music together."

  • "Geminis are hard to define, but when you do, you'll be twice as happy."

  • "Gemini admire frankness and honesty, and a good exchange, even of opposing opinions, can be a solid foundation for better knowledge."

  • "No one cheats on a Gemini and runs off without hitting their ears." - Gemini zodiac Quotes for status

  • "Geminis are fascinated by everything that is happening around them, because they love movement and action."

  • "In a world of twins, an only child is considered an anomaly."

  • "Annoyingly adorable, passionately complicated. Sorry, I'm a Gemini."

  • "It's taking advantage of the most unexpected moments that we commit the most beautiful crazy things."

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