30 Best Gemini Sign Quotes on Duality


     Gemini Quotes: The 30 Most Beautiful, Striking, Intriguing and Inspiring Gemini Phrases to Reflect on this Fascinating Sign. Motivational Quotes, Messages, Excerpts and Phrases!


     Gemini (♊), or even Gemini, is the third astrological sign of the zodiac, located between Taurus and Cancer / Cancer and associated with the constellation of Gemini. Its symbol is the twin brothers / twins. It forms with the Libra / Libra and Aquarius the triplicity of the signs of the Air. 

     It is also one of the four mutable signs, together with Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. With slight variations in dates depending on the year, Gemini and Gemini are people born between May 21st and June 20th.

Quotes for Gemini Sign:

"Those who have given up hope and do not want to fight anymore, all they have to do is wait for death."

"It is by taking advantage of the most unexpected moments that we commit the most beautiful follies."

"Pleasure and Pain are represented with twin features, forming a kind of unity, as one never comes without the other; and they place each other with their backs to the other because they are opposed to each other."

"Irritatingly adorable, passionately complicated. Sorry, I'm from Gemini."

"She is of twins, she is changeable ruled by Mercury. She is curious, talkative, volatile, and adaptable as a chameleon. Routine is not her beach, by the way, she also does not like the beach."

"This Knight has fought the most arduous battle a man must have fought. The battle against his own inner demons. And he has lost. For even the power to crush the stars does not seem enough at times."

"In a world of twins, the only child is considered an anomaly."

"I find myself, definitely, dual. I am a twin of myself. One of the twins flies high and the other remains attached to the earth. Like the caterpillar and the butterfly, man lives an unsettling duality. The chrysalis phase is for thinking about the dichotomous to live."

"What else could it be? The extremes. The most unequal twins. The most chaotic contradiction. The most systematic order. The most impetuous ecstasy. The irreversible disappointment. I am the fickle monotony."

"Think to speak, to speak and not to be thinking."

"Geminis are probably the smartest people in the zodiac. They have quick minds and are curious about just about everything. The only problem is that they rarely have self-discipline."

"Geminis are fascinated by everything that is happening around them, because they love movement and action."

"Nobody cheats on a Gemini and runs away without hitting their ears."

"Gemini admire openness and honesty, and a good exchange, even of opposing opinions, can be a solid basis for better knowledge."

"Gemini is a moving target when it comes to love, always looking, searching and often finding."

Gemini Sign Quotes about Life:

"Gemini does not purposely violate the truth, but it is known that a little 'white lie' makes life easier on odd occasions."

"The basic desire of Gemini is not only to share their experiences with others, but also to enrich them with their vibrant imagination."

"Gemini women feel very comfortable being single. They are so busy having fun that they may not even think about marriage."

"Geminis are difficult to define, but when you do, you will have twice as much pleasure."

"This is boring and I'm a Gemini and I get bored easily. I see change as our basic nature, win or lose."

"Gemini can be more tense than almost any other sign, but we like to say that you have to be tense to make good music together."

"The Gemini have an inquisitive mind and are also good salespeople."

"Geminis are very versatile, spontaneous and always on the move."

"Karmic teachers say you were specially chosen to be a Gemini because of your passion for knowledge and the spirit of exploration in your previous life."

"There is little prejudice and the attitude is very objective. Based on this, Geminis can become philosophers and their fast minds can make them good in the debate."

"I have this strange type of Gemini, where I can really be empathetic and a loving person. But if you piss me off, I can be one of the most cruel and sadistic people."

"A Gemini will make you see the joys of life that you have never experienced."

"But I am just a Gemini, a woman full of emotions and passion that simmer at any moment."

"The looser the guide, the more likely it is that Gemini will remain faithful, so it certainly is not worth distrusting or pestering Gemini! With Gemini, the risks are worth it. Because Gemini is great at expressions of love, feeling of heart."

"Geminis are patient listeners, as long as they have something to share."

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