Chaos is a Greek God and was considered by Hesiod as the first deity to appear in the universe, therefore he is the oldest of the Gods and Titans, he is also known as the primordial God.


     Chaos (in Greek: Χάος, transl .: Chaos), in Greek mythology according to Hesiod, is the first primordial god to appear in the universe, therefore the oldest of the divine consciousness forms. The divine nature of Chaos is difficult to understand, due to the changes that the idea of ​​"chaos" has undergone over time. Its name derives from the Greek verb chaíno (χαίνω), which means "to separate", "to be ample", meaning the primordial empty space. It could also be called Aer (Αηρ), which means "air" or Anapnoe (Αναπνοη), which means "to breathe". The Roman poet Ovid was the first to attribute the notion of disorder and confusion to the chaos deity. However, Chaos would be the opposite of Eros for the Greeks. Both Chaos and his brothers are the generating forces of the universe. Chaos seems to be a catabolic force, which it generates through fission, just like the most primitive organisms studied by biology, while Eros is a force of junction and union. Chaos means something like "cut", "crack", "split" or "separation".


     The children of Chaos were born from scissions just as single-celled beings reproduce (mitosis). Nix (Night) and Erebo (Darkness) were born from "pieces" of Chaos. And likewise, the children of Nix were born out of their "pieces"; as Hesiod states: without sexual union. Therefore, the Chaos family originates in an asexual form.


     Chaos is generated through the separation and distinction of the elements, and Eros through their union or fusion, seems more logical than the idea of confusion and elemental indistinction belongs to Eros. Eros acts in such a way on the elements of the world, that it could fuse them in an inexorable confusion. Thus, his brother Anteros, who would be born in the same way as Gaia, Tartarus, and Eros being thus brother of Chaos, balances his unifying force through the repulsion of the elements.


     Chaos is, then, an ancient and obscure force that manifests life through the split of the elements. Chaos appears to be an androgynous God, carrying both the masculine and the feminine. This is a characteristic common to all the first-born gods of various mythologies. It is common, due to the spread of Ovid's ideas, to consider Chaos as a force without form or appearance. This is not entirely untrue. In Greek prehistory, both Chaos and Eros were represented as formless forces. Eros was represented by a stone. That is, in Greek mythology, Chaos is "father-mother" of Nix and Erebus, and "brother-sister" of Gaia, Tartarus and Eros. To learn more about Chaos, check out also: how the world was created according to Greek mythology


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