We all know the story of how the world was created according to Christians. But what about Greek polytheism? Check out the history of creation and the origin of everything according to Greek Mythology.


   "Greek mythology is the study of sets of narratives related to ancient Greek myths and their meanings. For many modern scholars, understanding Greek myths is the same as shedding light on the understanding of ancient Greek society and its behavior, as well as their ritualistic practices. Greek myths illustrate the origins of the world, the ways of life, the adventures and misfortunes of a wide variety of gods, goddesses, heroes, heroines and other mythological creatures. "


     It is known that the Greeks began to believe in Gods around 6000 BC (BC). It is not known what gods believed, nor the correct date on which the gods who are known of this mythology arose. But we will bring the most accepted version for you, follow the text.


     In the beginning, nothing existed. Everything was dark and empty and this was Chaos. Gradually, Mother Earth (or Gaia) appeared and took shape and created the World. Mother Earth had a son, Uranus, who was heaven. Uranus and Mother Earth had children together. With the rain came the plants and animals that formed from the drops that fell in the oceans and rivers. There were also monsters of many sizes, shapes and shapes. Among these monsters were three that had only one eye, right in the middle of the forehead, and were called Cyclopes. Uranus was very bad for them, treated them cruelly and banished them to the Underworld.

     Later, human beings began to appear, but enormous. These giants were the Titans and were the first gods and goddesses. Finally, Mother Earth gave birth to the Golden Age, who lived in an era without wars or conflicts. Unfortunately, they had no children and the race died, although they remained on Earth as spirits to help and protect people. Mother Earth was unable to forgive her son Uranus for the way he had treated the Cyclopes and encouraged the Titans, led by Cronos, to revolt. They attacked and defeated Uranus and stayed in power.


     From the blood of Uranus three drops of blood fell to Earth and thus the Eríneas were born. These were spirits of vengeance and revolt, with a dog's head and bat wings. They chased assassins, especially those who killed family members. Another drop fell into the sea and created foam and from the foam appeared the goddess Aphrodite. Cronos married his sister, Rhea (Rhea), and became king of the Titans. They had 5 children, but Cronos, warned that one of them would kill him, swallowed them all as soon as they were born. To save her sixth child, Rhea cheated Kronos by giving her a stone wrapped in baby clothes and hiding the child among some smaller goddesses, called Nymphs, who raised the child safely. This child was Zeus.


     When he grew up, Zeus returned home in disguise and put a potion in Cronos' drink, causing him to choke and die. The children I had swallowed were coughed, healthy and saved. It was the sisters Hestia, Demeter and Hera and the brothers Pluto and Poseidon. A fierce battle then took place. Zeus released the Cyclopes who made lightning bolts for him to shoot. They also made a trident for Poseidon and a magic helmet for Hades that made anyone who wore it invisible. Most of the Titans and Giants sided with Cronos. After a terrible struggle, the younger gods, or New Gods, emerged victorious. The Titans were banned and one of them, called Atlas, had the penalty of holding Heaven forever. Zeus became Lord of Heaven and king of all gods. Poseidon was made Lord of the Oceans and Pluto of the Underworld.


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