Top 10 Seneca Quotes about Brevity to Life


     Seneca Quotes about brevity to life: The 10 most brilliant, striking and longing phrases of Seneca. Quotes, Inspiring excerpts, Intriguing and Motivational Phrases!

Who Was Seneca?

     Lucius Annaeus Seneca; Corduba, ca. 4 BC - Rome, 65 was a Stoic philosopher and one of the most famous lawyers, writers and intellectuals of the Roman Empire. Also known as Seneca (or Seneca), the Younger, the Philosopher, or even the Youth, his literary and philosophical work, taken as a model of the Stoic thinker during the Renaissance, inspired the development of tragedy in European Renaissance dramaturgy.

     Seneca was simultaneously a successful playwright, one of the richest people in Rome, a famous statesman and advisor to the emperor. Seneca had to negotiate, persuade and plan his way through life. Rather than philosophizing about the security of a university chair, he had to deal constantly with uncooperative and powerful people and face disaster, exile, fragile health and death sentences. Seneca took risks and had great achievements.

Quotes from Seneca about Life:

"Part of the cure is the desire to be healed."

"Love can not be defined, only felt."

"A beautiful woman is not one whose legs or arms are praised, but one whose entire appearance is of such beauty that there is no possibility to admire the isolated parts."

"Hurry up and live well and think that each day is a life in itself."

"If you live according to the laws of nature, you will never be poor; if you live according to the opinions of others, you will never be rich."

Seneca Famous Quotes:

"The man who suffers before it is necessary, suffers more than necessary."

"Many things we do not dare to undertake because they seem difficult; however, they are difficult because we do not dare to undertake them."

"Work as if you live forever. Love as if you were going to die today."

"You need to tell the truth only to those who are willing to listen to it."

"The deformity of the body does not sharpen a beautiful soul, but the beauty of the soul is reflected in the body."

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