Top 10 Epictetus Quotes about Life

     Epictetus Quotes about life and love: The 10 most brilliant, striking and longing phrases of Epictetus. Phrases, Quotes, Inspiring excerpts, Intriguing and Motivational Phrases!

Who Was Epictetus?

     Epithet or Epictetus (Hierápolis, 55 - Nicópolis, 135) was a Stoic Greek philosopher who lived most of his life in Rome, as a slave in the service of Epaphroditus, the cruel secretary of Nero who, according to tradition, once broke his leg. Despite his condition, he managed to attend the lectures by the famous Stoic Caio Musônio Rufo. 

     From his work the Encheiridion de Epicteto (also known as Manual de Epicteto) and the Diatribes (or Discourses), both edited by his disciple Lucius Flavius Arrianus de Nicomedia, are preserved. How to live a full life, a happy life? How to be a person with good moral qualities? Answering these two fundamental questions was Epiteto's only passion. 

Epictetus Quotes about Life:

"Never call yourself a philosopher or speak of maxims in the presence of ignorant people, but act according to those maxims. So, at a banquet, don't teach how to eat, but eat in a convenient way."

"Try to clean the bowl before you throw anything at it; that is, before you preach virtue, reform your customs."

"The wise man is one who is not saddened by the things he does not have, but rejoices at those he has."

"Nothing great is created suddenly."

"Desire and happiness cannot live together."

Apictetus Quotes about Stoicism:

"Of the existing things, some are our burden; others are not. The judgment, the impulse, the desire, the repulsion are ours to charge - in short: everything that is our action. It is not our burden the body, the possessions, the reputation, public offices - in short: everything that is not our action. By nature, the things that are our responsibility are free, unobstructed, unimpeded. Those that are not our responsibility are weak, slaves, obstructed, of others."

"If someone tells you that a certain person speaks ill of you, do not justify yourself about what is said about, but answer: 'He ignores my other faults, otherwise he would not have mentioned only those'."

"Accusing others of their own misfortunes is a sign of lack of education. Accusing oneself shows that education has begun."

"Happiness is not about acquiring or enjoying, but about wanting nothing, it is about being free."

"If you cannot speak well of a person, it is best not to say anything."

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