30 Best Scorpio Sign Quotes for Coldness

     Scorpio Quotes: The 30 Most Beautiful, Striking and Inspiring Scorpio Phrases to Reflect more about this Fascinating Sign. Motivational Quotes, Messages, Excerpts and Phrases!


     Scorpio (♏) is the eighth astrological sign of the Zodiac, originating in the constellation Scorpius. It measures 210 ° -240 ° ecliptic longitude. Under the tropical zodiac (most used in western astrology), the Sun transits on average between October 23 and November 22. 

     Under the sidereal zodiac (most commonly used in Hindu astrology), the Sun is in Scorpio from approximately November 16 to December 15. Depending on the zodiac system used, an individual born under the influence of this sign may be called a "scorpion" or "scorpio".

Quotes on Scorpio Woman:

"I am neither vindictive nor cruel, I am just just in the face of what they have done to me."

"I am not demanding, I am satisfied with the best."

"I have a gift for transforming a person's life, I can take him to heaven or hell."

"I don't have everything I love, but I love everything I have."

"Love is forever, sex too. Sex is good and love is good."

"Everything in life, but everything, depends on an intelligent idea and a firm decision."

"I don't regret any decision I made. I would do everything just the same."

"I may not be everything you dreamed of, but I am much more than you deserve."

"My friends have no defects. My enemies, if they don't, I make it up."

"They say the truth hurts, but in my opinion, lying does a lot more damage."

"You treated me well, I treat you even better. But if you treat me badly, oh my love, get ready!"

"Scorpios are intense, passionate, demanding, take their loyalty very seriously and when they choose someone as a friend it is forever."

"I don't know how to pretend, I don't know how to be in a place if I don't want to, I don't know how to laugh when I don't think it's funny."

"I have three sides: the calm and sweet side, the fun and crazy side, and the side you will never want to see."

"Never test a Scorpio's patience. You won't like what you see when they explode."

Scorpio Quotes about Life:

"I feel more than I show and I know more than I look."

"I keep quiet, watch, analyze, speak little ... This is my way of waiting for the right time."

"A tough Scorpio, because your attempt to be a good romantic was thwarted by some sucker."

"Scorpio is too transparent. He doesn't know how to pretend what he doesn't feel or disguise something he is feeling."

"You can even lie to a Scorpio, but delude yourself into thinking that you can deceive him."

"I am not always in my opinion! If my wishes are manifested, I will create possibilities."

"I don't tolerate superficiality, I loathe the middle ground and, consequently, I don't like anything shallow: people, hypotheses or relationships."

"I have no vocation for warm. Either it freezes, or it catches on fire!"

"Scorpio is intensity that tears in someone else's chest, but before it tears in the chest itself. It means feeling pain and not showing it. It means feeling love and overflowing."

"Undaunted, queen of intensity, heart that loves too much, but does not waver, no! Because the one who forgives is God."

"Love, this is the one God who can change the world."

"Think, what kept you from being happy today? And what makes you suffer? What if I say you don't need what you just thought to be happy?"

"Never tell a Scorpio how she should be or act."

"She was a mess that I was running away from, but that she crossed my crooked path, and now I'm stuck in that Scorpio equation."

Those under the Scorpio sun sign have a lot of personality and flesh needs. "

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