Top 10 Plato Quotes on Life and Love

     Plato Quotes on Love: The 10 most brilliant, striking and longing phrases of Socrates you can only find here. Inspirational phrases, Intriguing phrases and Motivational Phrases!

Who Was Plato?

     Plato was a philosopher and mathematician of the classical period of Ancient Greece, author of several philosophical dialogues and founder of the Academy in Athens, the first institution of higher education in the Western world. He is widely regarded as the central figure in the history of ancient Greek and Western philosophy, along with his mentor, Socrates, and his pupil, Aristotle. Plato helped to build the foundations of natural philosophy, science and Western philosophy, and has also often been cited as one of the founders of Western religion, science and spirituality. 

     The so-called neoplatonism of philosophers like Plotinus and Porphyry influenced Saint Augustine and, therefore, Christianity, as well as Arab and Jewish philosophy. Alfred North Whitehead once remarked: "the most secure general characterization of the European philosophical tradition is that it consists of a series of footnotes about Plato."

Plato Quotes about Love:

"Whoever loves extremely, ceases to live in himself and lives in what he loves."

"There is no one, even without culture, who does not become a poet when love takes care of him."

"Love is a force, an energy, which manifests itself in the soul as a feeling of remembrance of something that the soul once had, but lost."

"Love is the child of poverty and wealth: of poverty because it constantly asks and of wealth because it is constantly given."

"On the wings of love, the soul longs to fly" home ", to the world of ideas. She wants to be freed from the" prison of the body."

Plato Quotes on Education:

"Do not educate children in the various disciplines using force, but as if it were a game, so that you can also better observe what the natural disposition of each one is."

"The skills of students is a process of constant search, it is an eugenic action or planning that seeks human progression and improvement."

"Today university education is permeated by discourse. Those who speak well are the best. It looks a lot like the Greek Agora, in the days of the sophists (a pejorative term attributed by Plato, but which, on the other hand, was the guys of the moment). Today it hasn't changed. , only the clothes change. I wish if one day I became a good sophist ... "

"What you don't have or what you don't know, also could not be given or taught to another".

"Education must make possible to the body and soul all the perfection and beauty that they can have".

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