20 Quotes by Nun Coen on Gratitude and Positivity


     Nun Coen Quotes about Life, Love, Gratitude, Peace, Friendship and Relationships: The 30 Most Remarkable Phrases. Motivational Messages! Develop Positive Thoughts.

Who is Nun Coen?

     Nun Coen (in Brazil Monja Coen) was raised in Christianity, having studied at a nun's college, devoted herself to studying Buddhism at the Zen Center of Los Angeles in 1983, soon after leaving for Japan and converting to the Zen Buddhist tradition at the Zen Buddhist Convent of Nagoya, having also studied at the temples of Aichi Senmon Nisodo and Tokubetsu Nisodo. Before dedicating her life to religiosity, she worked as a journalist and reporter for several newspapers in São Paulo.

     Back in São Paulo in 1995, she led activities at the Busshinji Temple, becoming the first woman and the first nun of non-Japanese descent to assume the Presidency of the Federation of Buddhist Sects in Brazil for a year.

     In 2001, she founded the Zen Buddhist Community Zendo Brazil, based in São Paulo, to disseminate the teachings of Zen Buddhism, ordain monks and nuns, and serve the community through lectures, liturgies, and blessings of wisdom.

Nun Coen Positive Thoughts:

  • "Do we have free will or are we prey to conditioning? What neural synapses do we stimulate? What is stimulated will get stronger. Right understanding is knowing what should be stimulated and what should not."

  • "There is the before and the after, but both manifest themselves in the now. Without the before, we would not be here. To be here is to create conditions for the after. However, the after never comes, as we are always in the now. And the before never comes back , because we are in the now."

  • "When someone dies, a few of us die too. But a lot of whoever was is still living in us."

  • "Keep the beauty of love, cultivate the tenderness, joy and contentment of sharing life."

  • "Each time one of us becomes an enlightened being, all of humanity takes a step towards enlightenment."

  • "How good it is to be alive, to breathe and each scene is instantaneous, just as they are."

  • "Don't give up on yourselves. Don't lose the wonder of existence. It is in simple things, in a plant, in a tree, in a child, in you. In your thoughts and ability to access perfect wisdom."

  • "How life is without wires. If planet Earth lifts its shoulder, everything falls apart. This is a basic teaching of the Buddha, that nothing is fixed."

  • "Wisdom doesn't come from getting it right, but from learning from mistakes."

  • "Love and manifest that love now."

Nun Coen Sentences about Gratitude:

  • "⁠When you open your hands, they hold the entire universe."

  • "Are you capable of unconditionally loving the unknown? And the known? Ask yourself, question yourself, immerse yourself in the perception of multiple reality. Don't limit yourself to repeating standard phrases."

  • "Our ability to understand reality, to observe in depth, is compromised if we don't question ourselves."

  • "Resilience is that ability to not give up on my purpose. Life is full of difficulties and the great blessing is that we don't give up on it. I don't need to fight the other, I don't need to kill the other. I need to find the way. to get there. What leap do I have to take?"

  • "Each time one of us becomes an enlightened being, all of humanity takes a step towards enlightenment."

  • "We are never the same people and we are never other people."

  • "Life is like crossing a bridge. The people we start crossing with aren't always the same people who surround us now or who we'll reach the other side with. But there's always someone around. We're never alone."

  • "Each time one of us becomes an enlightened being, all of humanity takes a step towards enlightenment."

  • "What is doing bad? The person makes us feel bad. But he only brings out what is in us. We have to be aware and not allow anyone to control our thoughts. Like our emotions."

  • "When we open our hands, it fits the entire universe. When we hold something, we limit ourselves. And sometimes we hold the pain, the suffering. 'I suffer more than you. You don't understand mine. pain'... How not?"

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