Morpheus: The Dream God of Greek Mythology


     Morpheus, unlike his brother Hypnos (god of Sleep), is the God of Dreams and Daydreams. This being from Greek Mythology can appear in any dream and take any form, see.

Morpheus in Greek Mythology:

     Morpheus (molder) is the god of dreams in Greek Mythology. His name is derived from the Greek word which means "the form" and indicates his function: he has the ability to assume any human form and appear in people's dreams. He is one of the brothers (in some less reliable versions, he is a son) of the god Hipnos, of sleep. 

     The brothers of Hipnos, the Oneiros, are personifications of dreams, among them Ícelo and Fânttaso. Morpheus was mentioned in Ovid's Metamorphoses as a god who lives on a bed made of ebony in a dark cave decorated with flowers.

Morpheus is a Winged God:

     Like most sleep and dream deities, Morpheus is winged. It has large, fast wings that flap quietly and take it at a glance to the ends of the earth.

     The drug morphine has its name derived from Morpheus, since it provides the user with drowsiness and effects similar to dreams.

     Morpheus is commonly mistaken for his brother Hipnos, who is the god of sleep, and Morpheus, one of the gods of dreams.

     When a person predicts: go into the arms of Morpheus, suggests "having a peaceful sleep, with good dreams", as if you were surrounded by this god.

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