Top 10 Marcus Lemonis Quotes

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Who Was Marcus Lemonis?

     Marcus Anthoni Lemonis (Beirut, November 16, 1973) is an American businessman, inventor, philanthropist and television presenter of Lebanese origin who commands more than 7,000 employees in the United States and has a fortune estimated at more than 2 billion dollars. He is currently the president and CEO of Camping World and Good Sam Enterprises, and the host of the reality show The Profit (The Partner, in Brazil; Majority Partner, in Portugal), broadcast in several countries by the History channel, and in Brazil by Band, in which he saves small or medium-sized companies, usually with great business potential but who are in trouble. 

     Lemonis was born in Beirut, Lebanon, during the chaos of the Civil War and foreign invasions. Lemonis received a bachelor's degree in Political Science from Marquette University in 1995 and ran for the Democratic Party for a seat on the Florida House of Representatives shortly after graduation. Not being elected, he focused his career in the automobile production and trade industry.

The Profit Marcus Lemonis Quotes:

"Companies are not just numbers. They are also related to the nature of people. There are companies in which you could invest all the money in the world, but people's bad character would destroy everything, and for me it is the most common problem."

"If a family member does not contribute to the business, you need to deal with it in the same way that you would deal with an unproductive employee."

"I don't know if people consciously get in the way of their own success. I think it is wrong to think that they get in the way and are just comfortable in what they do."

"I feel that helping small businesses has a purpose. My mom was very clear with me since I was a little girl saying that if I wanted to be successful in business, I would have to have a clear goal. I believe my goal is to educate people through my experience with business. "

"People, process and product are my three principles."

Marcus Lemonis Quotes on Life:

"The human factor is the only thing that matters to me, and if you invest in a good team, a good product and a good process, you will certainly make money."

"For someone to call themselves an entrepreneur, they must have worked for someone else to be able to understand what it feels like to be responsible to other people. You must know what it feels like to have the risk of being fired and understand the importance of team work."

"I don't consider "The Proft" an entertainment program. I consider it an educational program. I am very convinced of this, I feel that the goal of the program is to show how to do business and how not to do it. How to treat people and how not to treat them. "

"Business, with all these different personalities, is a learning experience. If I could choose an animal that I can identify with better, it would be the chameleon, because I had to learn to adapt to different personalities and circumstances."

"One of the things we always strive for is that there are people with great ideas and great business concepts and who just need someone to give them an opportunity."

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