10 Best Capricorn Sign Quotes about Determination

     Capricorn Sign Quotes: The 10 Most Beautiful, Striking, Intriguing and Longing Phrases of Capricorn. Inspirational Quotes, Messages, Striking and Motivational Phrases!


     Capricorn (♑) is the tenth astrological sign of the zodiac, located between Sagittarius and Aquarius and associated with the constellation Capricornus. Its symbol is a goat. Takes the triplicity of the signs of the Earth with Taurus and Virgo. It is also one of the four cardinal signs, along with Aries, Cancer and Libra. With slight variations in dates depending on the year, Capricorns are people born between December 22nd and January 20th. 

     In Greek and Roman mythology, Capricorn, or sea goat, is the memory of the goat Aegipan, which was placed by Zeus among the constellations because he was suckled together with Zeus, by the goat Amalthea (in another version, Almateia was the nymph who owned the Aix goat that gave milk to newborn Zeus).

Capricorn Quotes Funny:

"You either do something well or you don't."

"Judge me the way you want. The opinion is yours, but the reality is mine."

"And if it didn't work, I lift my head and move on. I have everything I love, and I work to get even more."

"Capricorn prefers to be called antisocial than pretending to like people. Difficulty is fuel, dreams are objective."

"I don't want good memories to be repeated. I want new stories, better and bigger."

Capricorn Sign Quotes about Life:

"I hate it when I am suffocated, but I also don't like it when I realize that they are leaving me aside. Sometimes I don't even understand myself. I'm going to smile and say it's okay, even if my world falls apart."

"Who wants to do something, finds a way. Who does not want, finds an excuse. Invest more in yourself. "

"Capricorn is a sign of time, responsibility, control, stability."

"Capricorn is stubbornness in the form of resistance. It is strength in the form of security. It is a heart bathed in patience."

"Despite the difficulties, smile! Show the pain that the smile has power."