10 Aries Zodiac Sign Quotes for Status


     Aries Zodiac Quotes: The 10 Most Striking, Intriguing and Inspiring Aries Phrases to Reflect on this Fascinating Sign. Quotes, Messages and Status Phrases!

The Greek Myth of Aries:

     The Greek Myth of Aries goes like this: King Athamante had as queen the goddess Nephele, with whom he had two children: Phrixus and Hele. Having to return to Olympus, the goddess left the children in their father's care. After a while, Atamante teamed up with Ino, who planned to get rid of the children, children of her husband's "ex". He decided to spread disease and dry out the grain seeds, harming future crops.

     Foreseeing that Athamante would consult the oracle to know the causes of the misfortunes, he bribed the priests, to convince the king that the only way to appease the wrath of the gods was to sacrifice the children he had with Nephele.

     Though with great suffering, Athamante, for the sake of the people, obeyed the oracle's orders. Nefele, indignant, watched everything. To protect her children, she met them in secret, warning them that on the day of sacrifice a ram with golden wool would descend from heaven and land before them. She directed them to mount the ram. The only care they had to take was not to look down during the flight.

     On the day of sacrifice, the ram appeared and took the children. Hele, however, despite the recommendations, could not resist the temptation and looked, falling overboard in the place that later became known as the Hellespont (today the Dardanelles). Phrixus arrived safely in Colchis where he sacrificed the ram in honor of Zeus, who placed him in the sky, among the stars.

Didn't you find the Greek Myth of the sign of Aries interesting?

  • "The Aries woman is proud and capable of being quite jealous. As long as you are with her, never look in the direction of another woman."

  • "If we can be friends, great; if not, let's fight."

  • "Aries is anything but hesitant, he moves forward at breakneck speed to get to his goal."

  • "I don't do it to meet anyone's expectations. I do it for myself. I'm very strict with myself. I'm an Aries and kind of a challenge to myself."

  • "Today I'm like a painkiller: either swallow me or continue to feel sick."

  • "It's all about balance. Half of me is namaste and the other half is vaisefudê." - Aries Zodiac Sign Quotes for Status

  • "It's that saying: on the outside I'm fine, but on the inside I'm sensational."

  • "She's fire, but she also knows how to make it snow."

  • "Aries is having clenched fists of stubbornness. It's giving life a right hook when it knocks you down. It's the very flame of the fire in the soul."

  • "If you don't want to mess with fire for fear of getting burned, you better stay away from me."

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