30 Best Aquarius Sign Quotes to Reflect


     Aquarius Quotes: The 30 Most Beautiful, Striking, Intriguing and Inspirational Aquarius Phrases to Reflect on this Fascinating Sign. Quotes, Messages, Excerpts and Motivational Phrases!


     Aquarius (♒) is the eleventh astrological sign of the zodiac, located between Capricorn and Pisces and associated with the constellation Aquarius. Its symbol is the water-bearer. It forms with the Gemini and Libra the triplicity of the signs of the Air. It is also one of the four fixed signs, together with Taurus, Leo and Scorpio. With slight variations in dates depending on the year, Aquarians and Aquarians are people born between January 21 and February 19. Higino, in his book Astronomica, presents three versions of mythology. 

     Many say that Aquarius is Ganymede, a very handsome boy that Zeus took to Olympus, to become the waiter of the gods; for this reason, he is shown carrying an urn that spills water. According to Hegesianax, Aquarius is Deucalion, because during his reign so much water fell from the sky that it resulted in the flood. According to Eubulus, Aquarius is Cécrope, celebrating the antiquity of the race, and showing that men used water in sacrifices to the gods, before the knowledge of wine, because Cécrope reigned before the discovery of wine.

Quotes for Aquarius Woman:

"I don't have everything I love, but I don't give a damn about possessions!"

"It is not enough to have been good when you left the world. You have to leave a better world."

"The Aquarian is always looking for a way to make the world a better place and loves to be praised for it!"

"Yes, my strength is in solitude. I am not afraid of stormy rains, nor of the great gusts loose, because I am also the dark of the night."

"Aquarius is the sign of the unpredictable, of those who have disconcerting attitudes towards the expectations of others."

"The Aquarian is the one who is best prepared to deal with the unforeseen, because he knows that the impossible happens much more than you might think."

"Aquarius is being restless. It means wanting to say too much and choking on many words. It means feeling like you were born at the wrong time. It means inventing a lot for fear of destroying everything."

"But don't forget! Aquarians are scientists and they will be analyzing and watching you all the time. And you won't even notice!"

"Aquarians are up-to-date and always ahead of the curve in new fashions. If he says he is good and will catch on, you can be sure that this will happen!"

"The greatest freedom of the human being is being able to have a heart free from hate and hurt."

"Aquarians are addicted to occasional distances from the world and the people who live in it."

"Aquariums are romantic at heart, not necessarily looking for passion, but more for the mind."

"Aquarians are very cautious about their emotions and are not very comfortable discussing their problems with anyone."

"Aquarius can bend over and form what their lover wants. In return, they want real feelings, not lies."

"Aquarius is not easily angry, but when that happens, hell collapses."

Aquarius Sign Quotes to Reflect:

"Under the sign of Aquarius, they regret not trusting their intuition because it is usually always right."

"The Aquarian thinks like an adult, but runs like a free child. They have a good heart."

"An Aquarian will give you the world, but they will give up on you if you don't give anything back."

"An Aquarian will maintain his beliefs, even if it means being alone."

"Aquarium rage is like a violent storm complete with blinding lights, accelerating thunder and torrential rain."

"An Aquarian is the type of person you can relax with and start telling things you've never said to anyone before."

"An Aquarian is very good at pretending everything is fine and can easily turn off emotionally."

"An Aquarian mindset is so far in the future. It is difficult for people to really understand them."

"Aquarians need someone who is as independent as they are."

"Aquarius never forgets how you treated them. Always."

"An Aquarian can be emotional and protective."

"An Aquarian can sometimes be consumed by her own thoughts, especially at night. They can't find the" off "button.

"An Aquarian does not accept people who tell them what to do."

"An Aquarius goal: to make everyone around you happy while creating something that can change the world."

"The Aquarian is one of the most loyal friends and partners you can have."

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