Top 10 Silvio Santos Quotes About Success


     Silvio Santos Quotes on Motivation and Entrepreneurship: The 10 most brilliant and longing phrases of Silvio. Phrases, Quotes, Inspiring excerpts and Motivational Phrases!

Who is Silvio Santos:

     Silvio Santos OMC, stage name of Senor Abravanel (Rio de Janeiro, December 12, 1930), is a Brazilian television presenter and businessman. He has over 60 years of career.

     He was born in Travessa Bemtevi, in the Lapa neighborhood, in the central region of the city of Rio de Janeiro, then capital of Brazil and headquarters of the then Federal District. He is the eldest son of an immigrant couple who came to Brazil in 1924, Alberto Abravanel (1897-1976), a Sephardic Greek immigrant from Thessalonica, and Rebeca Caro, a Jewess of Smyrna, part of the old Ottoman Empire.

     He debuted on television in 1962, with the program Vamos Brincar de Forca, broadcast on TV Paulista. Subsequently, the attraction would become the Silvio Santos Program, which became a grouping of various auditorium programs and staff.

Motivational Quotes from Silvio Santos:

"When the human being is right, God is his lawyer."

"After a certain track, after ensuring the necessary comfort, money is just a trophy. Having a lot of money is having a lot of trophies, which attest that you have been successful in what you have done."

"The oil is running out; Gasoline will run out; But I'm already getting ready; I will plant cassava."

"We have nothing here. We are managers. Because everything we do, stays. So we don't own anything. We manage it as long as God is allowing it in our lives, because after we leave, everything it is for another to manage."

"Crap for crap, stay at SBT."

Silvio Santos Quotes about Success:

"If you keep in mind that the leader will always be a leader, yes, your business success will be guaranteed, because the leader was not born a leader, he did not copy someone's work, he became a leader by mirroring someone and he learned from the mistakes someone, your success was the result of your good work."

"Poor is the best payer in the world. He is humble, he is correct."

"I was a television owner because the television owners closed the doors on me, and then I was forced to be a television owner. I would continue to be a program animator if men weren't so vain, so powerful."

"If I want to be at the top, I do whatever it takes to get there, even dress up in a Hawaiian and dance rumba."

"" If there's one thing I don't do, it's throw away money. For what reason would I ride first class on the plane, if the executive is the same? I would only do that if there was a device that would save me in the event of an accident."

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