25 Seduction Quotes! Have a High Level Relationship


     Seduction Quotes, desire and conquest phrases to conquer men and women. Messages, Excerpts, Quotes and Reflective Phrases for Status. Have a spicy relationship.

Seduction Messages for Status:

  • "The game is not the things you say, the game is the things you are."

  • "If you keep getting rejected and spat on in every romantic relationship you start, maybe you need to really start paying a lot of attention to your sensuality."

  • "Every interaction is a game. When you stop playing, you're playing."

  • "Love is no longer the search; the new search is the sensuality with which it is practiced."

  • "You must remember that there is a difference between seducing someone and being as lewd in their direction as possible."

  • "We're all multisensory beings; if you want to seduce your partner on deeper levels, it's time to start exploring different sensory triggers." - Seduction Quotes for status

  • "Always wear sexy lingerie. Others may not see it, but believe me, they feel it."

  • "Sex is what you think you want until you get a taste of sensuality. Then all of a sudden you want more."

  • "Sensuality is not a sexual invitation, it's a profound invitation."

  • "Don't lose yourself in a man, it will make you lose your charm indefinitely. Instead, lose yourself in your own sensuality and you will enchant him forever."

Best Seduction Quotes to Share:

  • "Who would be willing to walk the path of love without first being seduced by its promise?"

  • "All you need in love is your meaningful self is just respect. Let go of beauty and intelligence at last."

  • "There is no contradiction; the truth is that the self is different for love."

  • "A young man will sometimes have all the conviction in the world, just to witness his love interest influence him."

  • "A seducer only sees the plot and it's ending, not in the middle, the mind game only gets interesting as time goes on." - Seduction Quotes

  • "Her eyes followed Zara everywhere. She was such a bloody magnet, while all the other women had to endure a nuclear winter of inattention from the opposite sex."

  • "[Julian's] smile turned seductive, full of shameless curves and immoral promises."

  • "The fact that he's black transforms him. It has the same effect on women that black socks do on men."

  • "And I, a vampire who had seduced countless mortals in his impossibly long existence, was forced to admit that it was she, this beautiful young human, who seduced me."

  • "Saints and sinners may be separated by their actions, but they are united by their reaction to passion."

  • "I don't want blood from you, not until we're both sweaty and naked and you're screaming my name."

  • "Edward: Bella, please stop taking your clothes off! Bella: Why? Did you want to do that part?"

  • "I wish I could line up the men I slept with naked and just brag for a hot minute. Beautiful creatures."

  • "When a woman has not received many flattery in her life, she will be seduced."

  • "Seduction is an art tested in the mirror."

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