30 Best Relationship Quotes for Status


     Serious and Happy Relationship Quotes for Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Facebook, WhatsApp, Tumblr. Messages, Excerpts, Quotes and Reflective Phrases for Status.

Love Text:

     It still costs me to believe that someone would love me in that intense and special way. You came into my life so delicately that when I found out I was totally enchanted by everything that came from you, from the smile to the most beautiful words.

     Our love has always walked towards growth, today we see a real definition of unconditional love and for all of this I thank you immensely. My support for all needs, your presence completed all empty and lifeless spaces in me.

     I love his unique way of loving me and I always have myself in mind, every way he can to show his dedication and affection for me. With you I learned the most beautiful state of love, the one without precedent, full of much affection and admiration.

     I hope to return every gesture requested and all the love that has ever been given to me. Know that I also love you unconditionally and I intend to spend the rest of my life with you.

- Relationship Text

Happy Relationship Quotes:

  • "I am in a phase of my chicken half life, not willing to seriously anticipate. Just wanting to enjoy it. They already enjoyed it too much with my face, now it's my turn."

  • "I'm in a VERY SERIOUS relationship with replay, good music and great feelings."

  • "Are you dating? In a serious relationship? This is all status. Look for someone who really makes you happy!"

  • "When we take on a serious relationship, we know the risks and we have to learn to live with them."

  • "I promised myself that I wouldn't have a serious relationship with anyone, but the day I met you, I knew that was impossible."

  • "I am in a serious relationship with my lack of commitment."

  • "I am a being with a metamorphic personality, I like to be faithful in a serious relationship, steady, but completely faithful to my wishes when single. I can even pay the restaurant and motel bills, but to say "I love you" I charge ... and I charge dearly!"

  • "I am in a serious relationship with my single marital status."

  • "Conquering a man in 4 words: I don't want a serious relationship."

  • "There is no reason for you to feel insecure and be jealous. You are the one I want and nothing else matters!"

  • "Nothing matters, other than how we feel for each other. We can't let fear and jealousy spoil our relationship."

  • "Hey, I just want you to know that, regardless of anything, I love you and that you don't need all that jealousy."

  • "I don't know, it seemed that the perfect person didn't exist. But she exists ... You appeared like that, perfectly imperfect."

  • "No jealousy overlook our relationship, we are adults."

  • "What we have is perfect, even with our defects."

Serious Relationship Quotes to Share:

  • "Among a thousand others, you. Among a thousand smiles, yours. Among a thousand loves, ours!"

  • "Distance does to love what the wind does to fire: it extinguishes the small, ignites the large."

  • "Each one knows how to love in his own way; the way does not matter; the essential thing is that he knows how to love."

  • "Do not stick to the choice that does not do you good. As a result, always choose those that bring the purest happiness!"

  • "The secret to a happy relationship is always to show how much you love and respect your love."

  • "Genuinely happy relationships are rare, perhaps extinct. If you have one, cherish every second of it with your loved one!"

  • "Not all angels have wings, sometimes they just have the gift of making you smile."

  • "A true love relationship is when all the signs lead a couple to find each other!"

  • "I suddenly found myself in this moment, living a serious relationship with the great love of my life."

  • "Good services don't just happen. They take time, patience and two people who really want to be together."

  • "When two people like each other, there can be no lack of love, affection and respect in the relationship."

  • "One day I will have a relationship full of love and joy, worthy of a fairy tale!"

  • "True love is one that appears suddenly, when you least expect it and stays forever."

  • "Baby, only you to make me happy ..."

  • "Of all the connections we have during life, the most striking are how loving. They are the best ones that bring our feelings to the surface and have enormous power to transform us."

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