Top 10 Renato Russo Quotes about Life

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Who Was Renato Russo?

     Renato Russo, stage name of Renato Manfredini Júnior (Rio de Janeiro, March 27, 1960 - Rio de Janeiro, October 11, 1996), was a Brazilian singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, famous for being the vocalist and founder of the rock band Legião Urbana. Before founding the group, Renato joined the musical group Aborto Elétrico, which he left due to the constant disagreements between him and the drummer Fê Lemos. 
     He adopted the Russian artistic surname in honor of the Englishman Bertrand Russell, the Swiss Jean-Jacques Rousseau and the Frenchman Henri Rousseau. Renato died due to complications caused by HIV on October 11, 1996, at the time aged 36, with only 1 day to go before the band's birthday. Friends of the singer claim that he contracted the disease after getting involved with a boy he met in New York, who had the disease in 1989. As a member of Legião Urbana, Renato released eight studio albums, five live albums, some posthumously and several tales. 

Renato Russo Quotes about life:

"Never let anyone tell you that the dream you have is not worth believing or that your plans will never work out or that you will never be someone."

"When you learn to love, the world becomes yours."

"You have to love people like there's no tomorrow, because if you think about it, there really isn't."

"I want to have someone to talk to. Someone who later doesn't use what I said against me ..."

"Sometimes I don't even care so much about myself ... But there are people I love and I don't want to see them suffer."

Renato Russo Quotes about Love:

"If the world is really like what I see, I prefer to believe in the world my way."

"Remember when we came to believe that everything was forever, without knowing that forever ends."

"Never, never, never let someone tell you that what you believe in is bullshit, that suddenly your dream will not work ..."

"Until very recently we could change the world. Who stole our courage? Everything is pain ... And all pain comes from the desire not to feel pain ..."

"Never cry in front of people who don't understand the meaning of your tears because loving is an art but not everyone is an artist."

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