10 Best Marcus Aurelius Quotes

     Marcus Aurelius Quotes About Life: 10 most striking and longing phrases of Marcus Aurelius you can only find here. Inspirational, striking and Motivational Phrases!

Who Was Marcus Aurelius?

     Marcus Aurelius (April 26, 121 - March 17, 180), was Roman emperor from 161 until his death. His reign was marked by wars in the eastern part of the Roman Empire against the Parthians, and on the northern border, against the Germans. He was the last of the five good emperors, and is remembered as a successful and cultured ruler; he dedicated himself to philosophy, especially to the philosophical current of stoicism, and wrote a work that is still read today, Meditations.

Marcus Aurelius Quotes from Meditations:

"Rather disapproval by a genius than praise by an idiot."

"The best way to get revenge on an enemy is not to resemble him."

"Our life is what our thoughts make of it."

"If it occurs to you, in the morning, to wake up with laziness and indolence, remember this thought:" I get up to resume my work as a man."

"Experience is a trophy made up of all the weapons that hurt us."

Marcus Aurelius Quotes from Stoicism:

"How much does not earn in tranquility who does not care about what the neighbor says, does or thinks, but only with their own actions."

"If you are suffering from external things, it is not they that are disturbing you, but your own judgment about them. And it is in your power to override this judgment now."

"Apply yourself at all times with all the attention ... to finish the job you have in your hands ... and get rid of all other worries. From them you will be free if you perform every action of your life as if it were the last."

"Most of the things we say and do are not necessary; those who eliminate them from life will be more peaceful and serene."

"Keep yourself simple, good, pure, serious, free from affectation, friend of justice, godly, gentle, passionate, vigorous in all your attitudes. Fight to live as philosophy would like you to live. Reverence the gods and help men. Life is short. "

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