10 Iconic Quotes from Josef Stalin to Reflect


     Josef Stalin Quotes (Philosophical and Controversial): Stalin's 10 Most Incredible and Brilliant Phrases. Messages, Quotes, Excerpts and Motivational Phrases!

Who was Josef Stalin?

     Josef Stalin was a Soviet communist revolutionary and politician of Georgian origin. He ruled the Soviet Union (USSR) from the mid-1920s until his death, serving as Secretary General of the Communist Party from 1922 to 1952, and as Prime Minister of his country from 1941 to 1953. Initially he presided over a one-party state that ruled for a system of collective leadership, becoming in fact the dictator of the Soviet Union in the 1930s. Ideologically linked to the Leninist interpretation of Marxism, it helped to formalize these ideas as Marxism-Leninism, while its own policies became known as Stalinism.

     Born into a poor family in Gori, the Russian Empire, he started his revolutionary career after joining the Russian Social Democratic Workers Party (POSDR) as a young man. There, he edited the party's newspaper, Pravda, and raised funds for Vladimir Lenin's Bolshevik faction through robberies, kidnappings and safety nets. Repeatedly imprisoned, he suffered several internal exiles.

Dictator Stalin Striking Quotes:

  • To his wife: "This creature softened my heart of stone. It died and with it my last warmest feelings for humanity died."

  • "Education is a weapon whose effect depends on who has it in their hands and who it is aimed at."

  • "A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic."

  • "Whoever votes does not decide anything. Whoever votes votes decides everything."

  • "It is not the heroes who make the story, but the story that makes the heroes."

Stalin's Iconic Phrases to Reflect:

  • "The advance towards socialism cannot fail to make the exploiting elements resist the advance, and the resistance of the exploiters cannot fail to lead to the inevitable intensification of the class struggle."

  • "It is difficult for me to imagine the 'personal freedom' enjoyed by an unemployed person, who is hungry and cannot find a job."

  • "True freedom can only exist where exploitation has been abolished, where there is no oppression of one another, where there is no unemployment and poverty, where man is not tormented by the fear of being deprived of work, home and bread tomorrow. Only in such a society is personal freedom and any other possible freedom real, and not on paper."

  • "I believe in only one thing, the power of the human will."

  • "Death is the solution to all problems. Without a man: without problems."

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