20 Finished and Worn Out Relationship Quotes


     Relationship Quotes in Crisis, Finished and Worn Out to Reflect on Your Current Relationship, Mental or Old. Messages, Excerpts, Quotes and Reflective Phrases for Status.

Relationship Finished:

     But it is so difficult to end a relationship. So complicated to reach the other and say enough. These are the occasions when this happens without drama, without pain. Most of the time, an excuse is needed, a slip of the other to serve as an alibi, to overcome your own cowardice in not assuming the desire for separation. There are those who get other people to pretend to be in love. "It happened, it's not my fault." But, cases it is certain that love no longer existed, because otherwise nothing would happen. When a love is latent, there are no temptations that are worth the sacrifice. When a person loves in a deep state, his senses are blocked, his body is closed. You have to be very cold to love and betray.

- Fernanda Young

Finished Relationship Quotes for Status:

  • "Every relationship that doesn't end with separation ends with death. Everything falls apart in the end."

  • "Ending a relationship is not easy, oh, I know that. The worst is when they break up with you. When you don't even have a choice, an option and you don't have the final say. You didn't get to look each other in the eye for the last time and there was no farewell."

  • "When a relationship ends, you miss the person you once met. Not the current one. This is almost a stranger to you."

  • "The time that a couple, who ended a relationship, does not speak and see each other, defines in the end, how much they really loved each other."

  • "There is no end to a great relationship due to futility, if it is over it is because there was no love."

  • "Relationship means something complete, finished, closed. Love is never a relationship: love is to relate, it is always a flowing, endless river."

  • "To say goodbye to love is to say goodbye to yourself. It is the end of a story that ended, externally, without our agreement, but that also needs to come out of us."

  • "Thousands of people are born and die, thousands of relationships begin and end, an object that breaks, the coffee bottle almost empty, a friendship of years that is no longer the same .. Everything, from simple to unshakable, everything comes to an end . And there are thousands of endings going on every day. "

  • "When you end a relationship and come back, those little things that bothered you before bother you 20 times more."

  • "Never put your happiness in things, relationships and people, because things break, relationships end and people leave."

Relationship Quotes in Crisis:

  • "Every relationship has its problems and its crises. The most important of all is not to let them affect the couple's love."

  • What most of us bring to the relationship is not fulfillment, but lack. Lack implies a strength within you ... Lack is a powerful force, capable of creating powerful illusions. No one can really get inside you and replace a missing part."

  • "When two people really like each other, they will always find a way to make it work. No matter how difficult it is."

  • "If it doesn't work out, we try again, again and again. And if it doesn't work out, we are wrong together."

  • "Relationships only work when both parties are committed to growing individually and making the relationship mature. If not, why not continue?"

Worn-out Relationship Quotes:

  • "Loving for two is exhausting, use that love twice to love yourself, you will never leave you alone."

  • "Love doesn't end, it doesn't wear out and it doesn't corrupt, but rather, the human being's capacity to love."

  • "All stability wears out, dies and kills. I would say that even love is sick of loving always the same way."

  • "I love you, but loving you kills me, wears me out, hurts me, so even though I'm bleeding and believing that this pain won't go away anytime soon, I gave up believing that I love you, I don't want you anymore, I don't want to suffer anymore!"

  • "It is ironic to love you so much and hurt me to the same degree. My love is tired, worn out, better leave it for later, at another time, another place, where it is not so painful to love."

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