Top 10 Clarice Lispector Quotes about Love


     Clarice Lispector Quotes about life and Love: Clarice's 10 brightest, most striking and longing phrases. Phrases, Quotes, Inspiring excerpts, Intriguing and Motivational Phrases!

Who Was Clarice Lispector?

     Clarice Lispector, was a Brazilian-born Ukrainian writer and journalist. Author of novels, short stories and essays, she is considered one of the most important Brazilian writers of the 20th century and the greatest Jewish writer since Franz Kafka. His work is full of simple everyday scenes and psychological plots, one of the main characteristics of which is the epiphany of common characters in everyday moments. As for their national and regional identities, she declared herself to be Brazilian and Pernambuco.

     It was born in a Russian Jewish family that lost its income with the Russian Civil War and was forced to emigrate as a result of the persecution of Jews, at the time, which resulted in several mass exterminations. It is speculated that Clarice's mother was raped by Russian soldiers during the First World War. 

Clarice Lispector Quotes about Love:

"Freedom is not enough. What I desire has no name yet."

"I don't have time for anything else, being happy consumes me a lot."

"Even cutting your own defects can be dangerous. You never know what defect underlies our entire building."

"Surrender, as I surrendered. Dive into what you don't know as I did. Don't worry about understanding, living surpasses any understanding."

"Let no one be mistaken, simplicity can only be achieved through hard work."

Clarice Lispector Quotes about Life:

"I am as you see me. I can be as light as a breeze or as strong as a gale, it depends on when and how you see me through."

"Yes, my strength is in loneliness. I am not afraid of stormy rains or of the great gusts loose, because I am also the dark of night."

"The nonsense of things makes me smile with complacency. In a certain way everything must be what it is."

"But there is life that is to be lived intensely. There is love. It has to be lived to the last drop. Without any fear. It does not kill."

"But the worst thing is the sudden tiredness of everything. It seems to be abundant, it seems that everything has been had and that nothing is wanted."

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