10 Best Quotes from Blood of Zeus Anime


     Blood of Zeus Quotes: The 10 most striking and nostalgic phrases in Anime. Messages, Excerpts, Quotes, Thoughts and Motivational Phrases! Zeus, Hera, Chiron, Alexia, Heron, Apollo...

The Blood of Zeus anime:

     Blood of Zeus is a series from Netflix. Set in the world of Greek Mythology, the series revolves around Heron, the demigod son of Zeus, trying to save Olympus and Earth. Although Heron himself is a character created for the series, the existence of such demigods born from the union between a god and a human is considered common in the original myths.

     The program claims in its prologue to be one of the "lost to history" tales, rather than being broadcast with our current canon of Greek myths. The series features gods, giants, automatons and mythical mounts from the original tales: such as Manicure and Gryphon.

Quotes of Zeus, Hera, Chiron, Alexia, Heron...

  • "Hera makes her promises about you, so you will carry out her orders. I offer it free of charge."

  • "You and your cult abandoned man and shed innocent blood."

  • "Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is essentially yours." - This phrase is famous because it was Bruce Lee who quoted it in his time.

  • "You drank more than you bled, you old goat."

  • "Adversity is what makes a man great."

Best Quotes from the Blood of Zeus anime:

  • "The gods, the masters of light, have defeated the Titans, the family of darkness."

  • "He must really love you. He's never shown his true self to anyone before."

  • "The giants were worse than wild planks that feed on all their desires. We should have neutered them all."

  • "The more someone suffers in this life, the easier they move on to the next."

  • "You should have been a king. Instead, all you've known is suffering and death. And all you've brought into the world was suffering and death."

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