Top 10 Quotes from The Shack Movie

    The Shack Quotes about forgiveness: The 10 most amazing and longing phrases from the hut. Inspirational phrases, Motivational Phrases! Mack, God phrases and several other icons.

Movie The Shack:

     The Shack is a drama film produced in the United States, directed by Stuart Hazeldine and scripted by John Fusco based on the novel of the same name by William P. Young (2007). The Hut was released in Brazil on April 6, 2017. The film addresses the recurring issue of the existence of evil through the story of Mackenzie Allen Phillips, a man who lives under the weight of the experience of having his six-year-old daughter Missy, abducted during a weekend camp. 

     The girl was never found, but signs that she was raped and murdered are found in a lost cabin in the mountains. Since then living under "The Great Sadness", Mack later receives a mysterious note supposedly written by God, inviting him to visit that same cabin. There, Mack will have an unusual encounter with God, from whom he will try to get an answer to the inevitable question: 

"If God is so powerful, why doesn't he do anything to ease our suffering?"

The Shack Quotes about Forgiveness:

"Being transcends appearance! As soon as you begin to discover the being behind a very beautiful or very ugly face, according to your concepts and prejudices, the superficial appearances disappear until they just don't matter anymore ..."

"Just because you believe in something strongly does not mean that it is true."

"You want the promise of a life without pain, it doesn't exist."

"Forgiving does not mean forgetting."

"Nobody gets away with anything. Everything has its consequences."

Quotes from God about Life:

"If we pay close attention, we will always be able to find some compensation for suffering."

"The world is full of those people who have a smile on their lips and poison in their hearts: who are docile as long as nothing offends them, but who bite at the slightest annoyance; whose golden tongue, when they speak face-to-face, turns into poison dart when they speak from behind. "

"God does not need to punish people for sins. Sin is already punishment itself, it eats people inside. God's goal is not to punish, His joy is to heal."

"There are diseases of your soul that inhibit and tie you up, external social influences, habits that created synaptic links and paths in your brain. And there are advertisements, advertisements and paradigms. In view of this confluence of multifaceted inhibitors, what is in fact freedom. "

"Every relationship between two people is absolutely unique. That's why you can't love two people the same way. It's just not possible. You love each person differently because he is who he is and because of the specificity of what he receives from you. And the more you know each other, the richer the colors of that relationship are. "

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