13 Best Quotes from The Egyptian Book of the Dead


     Quotes from The Egyptian Book of the Dead: The 13 Most Amazing Phrases. Messages, Excerpts, Quotes, Thoughts and Motivational Phrases! A little bit about one of the oldest books of mankind.

The Egyptian Book of the Dead:

     Book of the Dead (original name, in Ancient Egyptian, was Book of Stepping Out into the Light) is the designation given to a collection of spells, magic formulas, prayers, hymns, and litanies from Ancient Egypt, written on papyrus scrolls, more sophisticated versions. they were composed of rich typographic ornaments known as vignettes.

     And placed in the tombs next to the mummies. The purpose of these texts was to help the deceased in his journey to the other world, warding off any dangers that he might encounter on the journey to the Beyond. The book was placed under the mummy's head or next to it, or excerpts from it were copied in the tomb.

     The central idea of ​​the Book of the Dead is respect for truth and justice, showing the high ideal of Egyptian society. It was generally believed that before the goddess Maat, neither the deceased's wealth nor the social position of the deceased would be worth anything, but that only the deeds would be taken into account.

Today you can find PDF's about this work, it is not necessary to buy the book itself to have access to this rare knowledge.

Best Quotes from the Book of the Dead:

  • "Behold the flame, the lady of the air. To the nostrils; no one can advance without begging him to let her in."

  • "It's yesterday, I know tomorrow. After all, who am I? - Yesterday is Osiris, tomorrow is Ra."

  • "I am he who among the gods is not rejected."

  • "May I receive a mouth so that I can speak before the great god of the underworld, Osiris."

  • "The gods rejoice when they see Ra rise, his rays fill the world with light."

  • "Praised be the gods of the soul temple, who carry the scales of heaven and earth and who provide food and an abundance of flesh."

Messages from The Egyptian Book of the Dead:

  • "Nephthys says: I came to protect you, brother Osiris, I came to be your protectress."

  • "Says Osiris, the scribe Ani, triumphant in peace: 'I arose out of unformed matter, I created myself the image of the god Khepri, and I grew up in the form of plants'."

  • "I have removed my offenses. I have cast off all the sins that were a part of me. I, yes, am pure; I, yes, am mighty."

  • "The god Thoth sits on the test of your ship to utterly destroy all your enemies."

  • "My soul will not be isolated from my body at the gates of the underworld, but I will enter in peace and resurrect in peace."

  • "May this heart be with me in the abode of hearts."

  • "The great divine rulers in the judgment of the dead are Thoth, Osiris, Anubis and Astennu."

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