20 Suicide Quotes to Help Combat Depression


     Sad Suicide Quotes. Depressing Messages and Phrases. Our goal is to make you reflect on your life and also help fight depression and negative thoughts. Say YES to life!

Depressive Text:

     "The so-called 'psychotically depressed' person who tries to kill himself doesn't do it out of 'hopelessness' or any abstract conviction that life's assets and debts are not compatible. And certainly not because death suddenly seems attractive. your invisible agony reaches a certain unbearable level and will kill itself in the same way that a trapped person will end up jumping out of a burning building window.Don't be fooled about people jumping out of burning windows.

     Your terror of falling from a great height is still as great as it would be for you or me, speculatively standing at the same window, just watching the view; that is, the fear of falling remains constant. The variable here is the other terror, the flames of fire: when the flames get close enough, falling to your death becomes the less terrible of the two terrors. It's not wanting the fall; it is the terror of the flames. And yet no one on the sidewalk, looking up and yelling, 'No!', 'Wait!', Can understand the jump. Actually. You'd have to be personally trapped and felt the flames to really understand terror beyond a fall."

- David Foster Wallace

Sad and Heavy Suicide Quotes:

  • "Can you do it? When the time comes? When the time comes, there won't be time. Now is the time."

  • "I wish I could draw you as I see you. I would draw a boy with the most magnetic smile and the gentlest hands and eyes that are dark but can sometimes be bright. I would draw a boy who deserves to see the ocean."

  • "The pain of severe depression is totally unimaginable to those who have not suffered it and it kills in many cases because their anguish can no longer be supported. The prevention of many suicides will continue to be difficult until there is a general awareness of the nature of this pain."

  • "He was very sad. That's the point. He knows that life will never be any different for him. That there's no way to fix him. It will always be the same monotonous, depressing bullshit. Boring, sad, boring, sad. Him he just wants it to end."

  • "Writing poetry and committing suicide, apparently so contradictory, were really the same thing, escape attempts."

  • "I hope he can save me even though I know he can't."

  • "I'm trying to let you know what I'm about to do."

  • "It would have been so useless to kill himself that, even if he had wanted to, the uselessness would have rendered him incapable."

  • "Suicide is not a stain on anyone's name; it is a tragedy."

  • "God, forgive me everything, she said, feeling the impossibility of fighting..."

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Tumblr Heavy Suicidal and Depressive Quotes:

  • "Suicide is an attack on society, an attack on its omnipotence, its denial of death and its own despair."

  • "We, who bury ourselves in the dirt every day, can be forgiven, perhaps the only sin that ends all sin."

  • "Girls are always saying things like, 'I'm so unhappy about having an aspirin overdose,' but they'd be terribly surprised if they did. They have no intention of dying. At the first sight of blood, they panic."

  • "Self-destruction would be a brief, almost auto-erotic free fall into great velvety darkness."

  • "I bought a man's salvation on the street. He said, 'Go to the beach and let the waves wash your feet.'"

  • "On average, since the desire to kill myself isn't so strong that I actually kill myself, it's worth living in the world."

  • "The awareness of the damage caused by severe mental illness, to the individual and to others, and the fear that it might return play a decisive role in many suicides."

  • "I was so blinded by her talent that I didn't recognize the tremendous pain behind her work. She gave me hundreds of images, so many chances to see she was in trouble. I failed her."

  • "Suicide. A sideways word, a word that people whisper and mutter and cough: a word that should be uttered behind cupped palms or muttered behind closed doors. It was only in dreams that I heard the word screamed, screamed."

  • "People try to say that suicide is the most cowardly act a man can commit. I don't think that's true. What is cowardly is treating a man so badly that he wants to commit suicide."

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