Loneliness or Solitude? Top 10 Quotes to be Alone


     Loneliness or Solitude? The 10 Most Incredible and Striking Quotes to be Alone. Messages, Excerpts, Quotes and Motivational Phrases. Check out the content below.

Difference Loneliness and Solitude:

     According to the website Psychoanalysis Fans, Loneliness is the Pain of Being Alone: The evaluation of what is pleasant and what is unpleasant is always a judgment of value. And value judgments are always very individual and also related to a specific moment in time. Ultimately, we can say that we will evaluate something as pleasant or unpleasant according to our desire.

     For example, imagine that you are walking along the beach and it starts to rain. If you were not wishing for rain, the moment would be rated as unpleasant. But, if for a second you just feel what is happening, and even wish for the rain, the scene changes from unpleasant to pleasant.

     Solitude, on the other hand, is the Glory of being Alone: However, the fact of being alone does not necessarily need to be associated with something bad. We can be alone to put our heads in order, put our thoughts in order, think about life, enjoy a landscape, dance alone in the dark ...

Loneliness and Solitude Quotes on Life

"In solitude I become soft with myself."

"Solitude is the ability to love oneself to the point of being alone and yet, to feel whole and happy. Without the obligation to look for complements and naturally be filled with absolute peace."

"Solitude is very positive, it is an overflowing presence. You feel so full of life that you can fill the entire universe with your presence, and there is no need for anyone ..."

"To choose aloneness is to choose for yourself. It is to be cautious and healthy in your own self. Let the silence awaken the understanding and knowledge of our own thoughts without any possibility of being driven crazy by them. "

"May silence awaken knowledge in solitude, so there will be no possibility of putting the weight of failure on oneself or sharing it with everyone around you, so we can understand at once that everyone needs silence, to hear and understand their own thoughts . "

Quotes from Lonelinnes and Solitude for Status

"I don't understand loneliness, I only understand loneliness. Solitude is enjoying your own company, if that's enough, they say. I don't see the fun in that, I don't see any risk, very comfortable or uncomfortable. I like myself since I was born. Conquering , this is motivating, engaging, stimulating, dialoguing, meeting, sharing, sharing, interacting, getting lost in the other, also finding oneself, adding in. Exchanging experiences, laughing, discovering the charm in another corner, being enchanted. , getting involved, creating bonds, getting attached, pretending to be an island, running away, that's what ... Man was not born to be alone. "

"Solitude is when you want to be alone with yourself. Loneliness is when you feel alone, even when you are accompanied!"

"Solitude is the good and younger sister of the evil old Loneliness."

⁠ "Solitude is a hole in the life filled with our own company. Loneliness is empty in the chest filled with lifelessness."

"Loneliness heals with solitude and a good amount of self-love with hints of shame in the face."