30 Best Good Morning Quotes Blessed Sunday


     Good Morning Quotes Blessed Sunday by God. Messages, Excerpts, Thoughts, and Quotes to Liven up the Day-to-Day. Share with your Friends and Family on WhatsApp and Facebook.

Good Morning Sunday Messages for Status:

  • "Sunday nights often feel like the weekend is over before it even begins." - Catherine McCormack

  • "There are many people who see Sunday as a sponge to wash away the sins of the week." - Henry Ward Beecher

  • "On Sunday morning, I'm not nervous...I can't wait to say what God wants me to say." - Charles Stanley

  • "SUNDAY: The day...I planned a lot, but I don't actually do anything." - Lovely Godal

  • "Sunday was always the best of days to be what you intended to be but wasn't, for one reason or another." - Jesse Ball

  • "Well, there's nothing better than putting your feet up on a Sunday afternoon and picking up a good book." - Chris Klein

  • "Oh dear Sunday, I want to sleep in your arms and have a fun day." -Santosh Kalwar

  • "Sunday is the golden close that unites the week's volume." - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

  • "There is always something new to learn and feel every Sunday." - Bishop Gerald Causse

  • "Sunday, the day of leisure language." - Elfriede Jelinek

  • "Sunday removes the rust from the entire week." - Joseph Addison

  • "Don't let Sunday be taken away from you. If your soul doesn't have Sunday, it becomes an orphan." - Albert Schweitzer

  • "A well spent Sunday brings a week of content." - Proverb

  • "Good morning. Sunday is a day of reflection. A day that we think about last week and the week after. Have a happy Sunday." - Anthony T. Hincks

  • "If God hadn't rested on Sunday, he would have had time to finish the world." - Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Good morning phrases to share on WhatsApp:

  • "Each day is a new opportunity to appreciate God for all his blessings. Good Sunday!"

  • "Sunday to achieve happiness is easy and cheap, because with a sofa, a good movie and popcorn I'm in heaven."

  • "May this day be blessed with joy and enjoyed by the best company. Good morning Sunday!"

  • "As the week hasn't started yet, every second deserves to be enjoyed. Good Sunday!"

  • "Sunday is a wonderful day where I can do everything I didn't do during the week: rest!"

  • "Sunday is the day when half of me is sleepy and the other half is asleep."

  • "It's Sunday so I'm 100% motivated not to do anything today!" - Good morning blessed Sunday!

  • "Have a good Sunday, without worries or stress and especially without thinking about tomorrow!"

  • "Dedicate your Sunday to what you love most and the bitterness of the week will soon be forgotten."

  • "Good morning and good Sunday! Enjoy every second today, because time is precious and tomorrow is already Monday."

  • "The recipe for a good Sunday contains many hours of sleep, a sofa, a television and good company in generous doses."

  • "Sunday would only be better if tomorrow was Sunday again."

  • "Sunday is the perfect day to regain all the patience we lost during the week."

  • "Don't forget to enjoy every second of your Sunday as this will be the first step towards a fantastic week!"

  • "Have a good Sunday, without worries or stress and especially without thinking about tomorrow!"

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