30 Digital Marketing Quotes to Sell Any Product


     Physical and Digital Marketing Quotes to Sell any product and attract customers. Messages, Excerpts, Quotes and Motivational Phrases. Use on Social Networks.

What is Marketing?

     Marketing is the art of exploring, creating and delivering value to satisfy the needs and / or desires of a consumer market. Products, services or ideas that interest consumers are used. For that, it is necessary to create a defined strategy that will be used in sales, communications and business development. The norm of marketing is to create value and attract the attention of the client, generating specialized profits for both parties. The activities of a marketing manager encompasses several activities, from market research, to the definition of a market positioning strategy, advertising, advertising and sales techniques. Nowadays Digital Marketing is on the rise.

     As well as in customer relationship management, which determines a relatively important area in any company and efficient treatment methods and techniques. In addition, potential customers are also an area of ​​study to be taken into account, as it is not enough to rely on the guaranteed basis to guarantee the financial sustainability of the company, there must be a continuous effort not to current customers and maintain the attractiveness of new.

The key to sales is to use mental triggers of urgency, scarcity and authority.

Digital Marketing Quotes for Social Networks:

  • "I understand that you don't want to buy our product right now, but could you tell me the reason for choosing our company?"

  • "What are the reasons why you don't want to keep the product now?"

  • "Is there anything I can do to close the deal?"

  • "I could tell that you are a very determined person. Have you ever missed an opportunity like the one I'm offering?"

  • "Our product was developed after years of a lot of research." - Digital Marketing Quotes

  • "If you have any problems using the product, just contact us and a consultant will assist you promptly."

  • "Why are you going to postpone the purchase of a product that can give you an advantage today?"

  • "By purchasing this product, you will be saving X reais per year."

  • "This product is a limited edition and we don't know if it will continue to be manufactured."

  • "If you buy the product, that one comes completely free."

  • "Progressive discount: for each product, pay X% less on the purchase."

  • "By purchasing this product, you can participate in our loyalty program."

  • "This product is exclusive and we have units available."

  • "Take advantage of the latest discounted units now."

  • "This ad will go down today!"

Marketing Quotes to Sell Anything:

  • "Do you really think it is worth buying a cheaper version when installing ours, which was recommended by people you trust?"

  • "Do you prefer to pay in cash or in installments on your credit card?"

  • "Among these two products, which one best fits your needs?"

  • "This product has all the features you want, including, it is ideal for you."

  • "The price of this product is well below its value and all the advantages it offers." - Digital Marketing Quotes

  • "Imagine you using this product and enjoying all the benefits it offers."

  • "Buy now and be covered with a X-day guarantee."

  • "By purchasing this product, you will be saving X reais per year."

  • "I don't have that information at the moment, but I'll find out right now."

  • "This product is the solution you need to solve the problem you have with ..."

  • "If you are not satisfied with the product, we offer a 30-day money back and refund guarantee."

  • "I'm sure this is the best purchase you could make."

  • "If you anticipate next month's order, I can offer you a good discount."

  • "When you purchase product X, you will also receive product Y for free."

  • "This discount is only valid until tomorrow."

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