Bellerophon was one of the most relevant heroes of Greek Mythology and became known after defeating the dreaded Chimera! His best friend is the winged horse Pegasus. Check out his story below.


     Bellerophon (in ancient Greek: βελλεροφῶν or βελλεροφόντης), in Greek mythology, was a hero, venerated in Lydia and Corinth, son of Poseidon (Poseidon), adopted by Glauco, son of Sisyphus, of the ruling house of Corinth, owner of the horse winged Pegasus, whom he found next to the source of Pirene, which would have been born from a recoil of himself and from whom it was said that whoever drank from it would become a poet, as is mentioned in the Lusíadas, by Camões.

     The Iliad refers to the ties of hospitality that he would have had with Eneu, king of Chalidon. His mother, daughter of Niso, king of Mégara, is sometimes called Eurimedeia or Burínome. He was Belero's brother (also called Alcímenes, Piren or Delíades), tyrant of his hometown, which he killed unintentionally - his name, Bellerophon, can be interpreted, moreover, as "the one who killed Belero".

     Considered impure due to this death, he had to leave the city and seek refuge in the court of King Black, who welcomed him and "purified" him. The king's wife, Stenebeia or Antheia, as Homer calls it, tried to seduce him, but, being repudiated, complained to Preto who, aggravated by the alleged affront, sent him to the court of Yobates, king of Lycia, his father-in-law , with the request to kill him.


     Yobates, however, only read his son-in-law's request after receiving him as a guest and sharing a meal with him - so, according to the sacred law of hospitality, he could not kill him. However, driven by Preto's desire, Yobates entrusted him with an undertaking from which Bellerophon would hardly live: to kill the Chimera monster, which devastated the region by attacking herds. Bellerophon, however, with his horse, flew over the monster and killed Chimera, easily, with one stroke.

     Yobates then charged him with several risky endeavors, trying in vain to kill him: he sends him out in battle against the warrior people of the Sólimos, which he defeats; then, against the Amazons, which also slaughter in large numbers. Desperate, Yobates organizes an ambush with some of the bravest of the Lydians, who perish, however, in the face of Bellerophon's bravery. Preto is convinced, then, that Bellerophon can only have divine origin and, justifying himself with the letter of his son-in-law, gives him the hand of his daughter, Filonoé or Anticleia, whose sons Isendro and Hipóloco would have, as well as Laodamia, Sarpedão's mother.

     Proud of his achievements, he decided to fly to Olympus riding Pegasus, but Zeus, offended, sent a wasp to bite Pegasus and he fell to the ground, which at Athena's command became soft, so Bellerophon did not die with the fall, but like a crippled beggar looking for Pegasus.


     Pegasus is Bellerophon winged (flying) horse. He was the one who took the hero to the place where Chimera was, a terrible monster that breathed fire through his mouth and nose. It was Athena (Minerva), the goddess of wisdom, who offered him a golden rein to tame the animal when Bellerophon was dreaming. With it, Bellerophon took Pegasus, who led him through the skies to the lair of Chimera.


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Bellerophon was one of the most relevant heroes of Greek Mythology and became known after defeating the dreaded Chimera! His best friend is the winged horse Pegasus. Check out his story below.

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