Top 10 Tropa de Elite Movie Quotes


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Tropa de Elite Movie:

     Tropa de Elite is a Brazilian police film of 2007, with the genre drama / police film, directed by José Padilha, who also wrote his script, with Braulio Mantovani and Rodrigo Pimentel , and produced with Marcos Prado. Its theme is urban violence in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro together with the help of the Battalion of Special Police Operations (BOPE) and the Military Police of the State of Rio de Janeiro. 

     The film is based on elements present in the book Elite da Tropa, by André Batista and Rodrigo Pimentel, in partnership with Luiz Eduardo Soares. It stars Wagner Moura, André Ramiro, Caio Junqueira, Milhem Cortaz, Fernanda Machado, Paulo Vilela, Fernanda de Freitas, Maria Ribeiro and Fábio Lago.

     It is the first fiction feature by director José Padilha, who previously directed the documentary Bus 174 (2002). It was the object of great repercussion even before its release, as it was the first Brazilian film, months before it reached the cinemas, to leak into the pirate market and the internet.

Tropa de Elite Quotes about Life:

"Given mission is accomplished mission."

"If we are to fall, we will fall shooting!"

"I can even help you, in fact, I will help you! I want to help you! But now you have to help me help you."

"Corrupting, omitting or going to war"

"The system is fucking partner."

Topa de Elite Movie Quotes:

"The system hands over to save the arm."

"They thought I was going to fall down, but I fell up."

"How many children are we going to have to lose to the traffic, for a playboy to roll a joint? I get pissed at people who are born with an opportunity and get into this shit."

"What a bible, this is a novel! Stop being stupid."

"Whoever wants to laugh, has to make them laugh."

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