10 Best Quotes in Godless Series


     Godless Quotes: The 10 most memorable and longing phrases of the series. Messages, Excerpts, Quotes and Motivational Phrases! Alice Fletcher, Frank Griffin, Roy Goode, Mary Agnes, Iyovi...

Godless series:

     Godless is an American Western drama streaming television miniseries created, written and directed by Scott Frank. In the series, set in 1884, a young outlaw fleeing his vengeful mentor ends up in a small New Mexico town inhabited almost entirely by women.

     The seven-episode series began production in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in September 2016, and launched on Netflix globally on November 22, 2017. The series received positive reviews and was named a Top 10 of the Year by The Washington Post and Vanity Fair.

Quotes by Alice Fletcher, Frank Griffin...

  • "Sometimes men want me to kill them so they can die attached to some purpose."

  • "The Good Book says pain is its own teacher."
  • "There are different kinds of men. Some don't have a taste for fighting, but they can talk, they can reason. That's almost as good. So there are some men who can only speak through their guns or fists. There's no reasoning with a man like that. A man like that comes to you, you better just be prepared to meet him."

  • "Death isn't a big deal. It's dying that isn't fun."

  • "The same God who made you and I also made the rattlesnake."

Best Quotes in Godless Series:

  • "I learned to love Mr. Haight. He taught me with the stick and the whip and the knife to love. The same way I love Roy Goode now. Because he's my son. I chose him. And that's a bond. more powerful, a more powerful love that can be born in him."

  • "Sir, you clearly don't know where you are. Look around. There's no one taller around here to look after you and your young people. This is the paradise of the locust, the lizard, the snake. It's the land of the blade and the snake. rifle. It's a country without God. And the sooner you accept your inevitable death, the longer you'll live."
  • "I know all about you. How you feel... How you taste. How you smell. Hell, ma'am, I could find you in the dark."

  • "There's nothing scarier than a man with a gun. And there's nothing more helpless than a man without it."

  • "A man alone can be invisible if he knows what he's doing."