10 Best Quotes from Men of Honor Movie


     Men of Honor Quotes: The 10 most striking and longing phrases in the film. Excerpts, Messages, Quotes and Motivational Phrases! Carl Brashear, Billy Sunday, Gwen Sundey ...

Men of Honror Movie:

     In the film Men of Honor, Carl Brashear (Cuba Gooding Jr.) came from a humble black family, who lived in a rural area in Sonora, Kentucky. As a boy, in the early 50s, he already loved to dive, and as a young man he enlisted in the Navy hoping to become a diver. Initially Carl works as a cook, which was one of the tasks allowed for a black man at the time.

     When he decides to dive into the sea on a Friday he ends up being arrested, as blacks can only swim on Tuesday, but his speed when swimming is seen by everyone and thus becomes a "surfer swimmer", on the initiative of Captain Pullman (Powers Boothe). When Brashear asks for the diving school he meets Captain Leslie Sunday (Robert De Niro), a rough and tyrannical diving instructor who has absolute power over his decisions.

Quotes of Carl Brashear, Billy Sunday...

  • "Billy Sunday: What the hell did he say to make you work so hard? - Carl Brashear: Be the best."

  • "The Navy Diver is not a fighter, he is a rescue specialist. If he is lost underwater, he will find him. If he is sunk, he brings him up. If he is on the way, he moves him. If he has luckily, he will die young, 60 meters below the waves, as this is the closest he will ever come to being a hero. "

  • "Go on and fight! Break some of your rules if you have to. And when it gets tough, don't give up."

  • "Why do you want this so much? Because you said I couldn't do it."

  • "History is made by those who break the rules."

Best Quotes from Men of Honor:

  • "I hope your food is better than the last cook's. The last cook's food can kill a man's dog."

  • "Billy Sunday: What about me, Cookie? Are you better than me? - Carl Brashear: You're right, I am!"

  • "Sir, I'm a Navy man. Where I come from, there are no oceans. Just dirty farms and stubborn mules. And no self-respecting Navy man makes a living driving mules."

  • "Forgive me, sir, but for me, the Navy is not a business. It is an organization of people who represent the best aspects of our nation. We have many traditions. In my career, I found most of them. Some are good, others are not. so good. I, however, wouldn't be here today if it weren't for our greatest tradition of all."

  • "A petty officer must not drink. However, if he drinks, he will not get drunk. If he gets drunk, he will not stagger. And if he stagger, he will not fall. And if he falls, he will fall in order to cover up his rank so that the passerby think that he is an officer."

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