10 Best Quotes from Guardians of the Galaxy Movie


     Guardians of the Galaxy Quotes: 10 most incredible and striking phrases from the film. Excerpts, Messages, Quotes and Motivational Phrases! Gamora, Drax, Groot ...

Guardians of the Galaxy Movie:

     Guardians of the Galaxy, In 1988, on Earth, after the death of his mother, the young Peter Quill is kidnapped from the earth by the Ravagers, a group of space pirates led by Yondu Udonta (Michael Rooker). Twenty-six years later, Quill, now a self-styled Star Lord mercenary (Chris Pratt), steals a metallic sphere on the planet Morag and is intercepted by the alien Kree, Korath (Djimon Hounsou), a subordinate of the terrorist Ronan (Lee Pace). Although Quill runs away with the artifact, Yondu discovers his theft and issues a reward for his capture. At the same time, Ronan sends the killer Gamora (Zoe Saldana) behind the orb.

     When Quill tries to sell the orb in Xandar, he is attacked by Gamora, who steals it. Soon the fight expands with the arrival of a pair of bounty hunters in search of Quill: the genetically modified raccoon Rocky (Bradley Cooper) and the humanoid Groot tree (Vin Diesel).

Quotes from Gamora, Drax, Groot ...

  • "Are you telling me that the fate of 12 billion people is in the hands of a thief, two thugs, a murderer and a maniac?"

  • "There is nothing like me, except myself."
  • "I look at us and you know what I see? Losers. I mean, like people who have lost things. But life is giving us a chance and I'm not going to stand by and watch it go by."

  • "Sometimes we spend our lives looking for someone who has always been by our side."

  • "We are not going to stand still while evil destroys billions of innocents!"

Best Quotes from Guardians of the Galaxy:

  • "After all these years, I found you. My name is Ego and I am your father, Peter. I wanted to experience what it is to be human. So I created what I thought would be a biological being."

  • "Drax: There are two types of beings in the universe: those who dance and those who don't. Peter Quill: I understand, yes. I dance, Gamora does. Drax: You need to find a woman who is pathetic, like you."
  • "It is the most true, authentic and hysterical laugh of my entire life ... because it is not a plan!"

  • "I don't learn. I have this defect."

  • "Any nightmares that the future holds are dreams compared to what I have been through."