10 Best Quotes from El Chavo and El Chapolin Series


     El Chavo and El Chapolin Quotes: The 10 most amazing and longing phrases in the series. Messages, Excerpts, Quotes and Motivational Phrases! Madruga, Florinda, Quico, Chiquinha ...

El Chavo series:

     El Chavo del Ocho is a situation comedy that deals with the interactions of a group of people who live in a village. The protagonist, Chavo, is an eight-year-old orphan boy who often faces problems with adults, including Madruga, Florinda and Clotilde due to misunderstandings, distractions or mischief. He also lives with his friends Quico and Chiquinha, who are of the same age group. Chaves is often found in a wooden barrel, according to the character himself, it is just a hiding place, in fact he lives in the house at number 8.

     Practically, the plot unfolds in this village, which has an owner like Barriga, and the residents Madruga, Neves and Chiquinha (in house 72), Clotilde, nicknamed the Witch of the 71 due to her appearance and her house number, in house 14, Florinda and her son Quico live. Gloria and her niece Paty will remain in the house 24, and later, Jaiminho. Edwiges (nicknamed Louca da Escadaria due to her house being located at the top of a staircase) also lived there.

Quotes of Madruga, Florinda, Quico...

  • "I only made one mistake in my life: when I think I'm wrong."

  • "The regretful dog returns with his ears full, his bone noisy and his tail as narrow as his paws."
  • "There is nothing more laborious than living without working!"

  • "It would have been better to have gone to see Pelé's film!"

  • "Revenge is never complete, it kills the soul and poisons it."

Best Quotes from El Chavo series:

  • "But for what cause, motive, reason or circumstance?"

  • "There is no such thing as bad work, the bad thing is having to work."
  • "Only bad people take pleasure in seeing the suffering of others."

  • "Good people must love their enemies."

  • "I would rather die than lose my life!"