Top 10 Clash of the Titans Movie Quotes


     Clash of the Titans Quotes: The 10 Most Incredible Phrases in the Movie. Excerpts, Messages, Quotes and Motivational Phrases! Zeus, Poseidon, Perseus, Andromeda...

Clash of the Titans Movie:

     Clash of the Titans is an American film remake of the 1981 original directed by Louis Leterrier. But both stories are based on the myth of Perseus. Its protagonists are Sam Worthington, in the role of the hero, protagonist of the film, Liam Neeson, as Zeus, leader of the gods, and Ralph Fiennes, as Hades, god of the dead. In 2012, the sequel Wrath of the Titans was released.

     Many, many years ago, the gods Zeus (Liam Neeson), Poseidon (Danny Huston) and Hades (Ralph Fiennes) came together and defeated their predecessors, the Titans, with the help of Cetus, a monster born from the flesh of Hades himself. Then they divided the Universe among themselves: Zeus took the skies, Poseidon took the seas and Hades was deceived by Zeus and forced to rule the Underworld.

Movie Quotes from Clash of the Titans 1 and 2:

"The young man. Why do they never listen? When will they finally learn?"

"I was partial to the tragedy in my youth. That was before experience taught me that life was tragic enough without me having to write about it."

"In my mind, I see three circles united in a graceful and priceless harmony. Two full as the moon, one hollow as a crown. Two from the sea, five fathoms below. One coming from the earth, in the depths of the ground. brand of great renown. Tell me, what can it be? "

"When I spit in the eyes of the Gods, I smile."

"Perseus and Andromeda will be happy together. Have good children, rule wisely ... And to perpetuate the story of your courage, I order that from now on, he will be placed among the stars and constellations. He, Perseus, the lovely Andromeda , the noble Pegasus and even the vain Cassiopeia. May the stars be named after them forever."

Quotes from Zeus, Poseidon, Perseus ...

"Witness, Zeus, and all of you gods on high Olympus! I condemn my daughter Danae, and her son Perseus to the sea! Your guilt and sin have shamed Argos! I, Acrisio, the King, now purify your crime and restore my honor! their blood is not in my hands!"

"Perseus: if Medusa's eyes, even after her death, can turn all living creatures to stone ... and blood?"

"As long as man walks the Earth and searches the night sky in wonder, they will remember Perseus' courage forever. Even if we, the gods, are abandoned or forgotten, the stars will never disappear. Never. They will burn to the end of times. "

"- Tethys: What a dangerous precedent. What if there are more heroes like him? What if courage and imagination become everyday mortal qualities? What will become of us? - Zeus: We would no longer be needed. But for the moment, there is cowardice, laziness and enough falsehood there on Earth to last forever."

"Fortune is an ally of the brave."

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